Apple data cable worth buying in 2021

1.Which indicators should we pay attention to when choosing data cable?

First of all, I think we should try to choose the data cables produced by regular manufacturers. The data cables produced by regular manufacturers have strict processes in terms of product development, production level, quality inspection and testing. The products produced are of better quality and safer.


The second is to choose the data cable with good materials and good workmanship. Some quality and safety indicators need special instruments to detect, as the general consumer is not easy to see. But we can open the product details, which will generally introduce what kind of line and chip to use.

Finally, after-sales and quality assurance. After sales good brand will let us save a lot of heart, now a lot of brand data cable has a year to replace the new logo, if there is a product quality problem within a year, will replace free of charge, this is still very good, some brands even provide 18 months of replacement service, the longer the guarantee time, of course the better!


In order to facilitate you to more intuitively understand the difference of different quality of data cable, I placed an order on Jingdong for a data cable with a low price of less than 10 yuan.

The external material of this data cable is ordinary and common PVC material, which is a kind of low-cost polymer chemical material. In the early days, because of its high hardness and nonflammability, it was widely used in data cable, socket and electrical enclosure. However, in the process of PVC synthesis, it needs to add a lot of additives (such as toxic plasticizer, etc.), these substances will release toxic substances, which will not only stimulate the human skin, but also cause great damage to the human kidney and other organs. If black heart manufacturers use unqualified PVC materials for wire rod production, they can release a variety of harmful substances to human body only under the irradiation of high temperature and ultraviolet light.

Apple's original data cable uses TPE material, which is safe and non-toxic, and will not cause any stimulation to human skin, let alone influence human organs. This material also supports repeated use, which is in line with the safety and environmental protection awareness advocated at present.

Next, we went into the disassembly process. After peeling off the PVC material on the outside of the data cable, there was a wire, which had no shielding layer and protective layer at all.

In Apple's official data cable and MFI certified products, there are double-layer shielding technology. One layer is silver metal woven shielding mesh, and the other layer is aluminum foil shielding layer. The main function is to protect the wire from being easily damaged, ensure the service life of the data cable, and ensure the stability of signal transmission.

  1. What is MFI certification?

Once I went out shopping and forgot to bring the data cable, I went to mingchuangyou products and found that the apple data cable they sold would be marked with MFI certification. At that time, I didn't know much about the knowledge of data cable, so I went home to learn some. Here's what MFI certification is.

Refer to Baidu Encyclopedia: Apple MFI certification (Apple's abbreviation for "made for iPhone / iPod / iPad") is a kind of logo license for external accessories produced by its authorized accessory manufacturers by Apple Inc.

In order to ensure the wire itself and mobile phone, apple requires that all products that need to pass MFI certification must adopt metal protective shell reinforcement structure, and be equipped with Apple's MFI chip and power management chip in IOS device to form a complete charging scheme. To put it bluntly, all the parts meet the standards put forward by apple, so the quality can be assured.

The most obvious feature of MFI certified products is the apple MFI authorized logo on the package.

The most basic conditions for applying for MFI certification are: self built factory with an area of no less than 2000 m2 and no less than 50 employees. The passing rate of certification is only 2%. In the application stage, we need to constantly modify the product design until all the performance indicators meet the requirements of apple.

After using the accessories of "non MFI certified products", if we encounter equipment problems, apple officially does not provide warranty services, such as IOS device damage, cable damage, connector falling off, abnormal heating, or can not connect to the device correctly, can not synchronize the device or charge the device, etc.

Let's simply calculate the price of a data cable with MFI certification. Products with MFI certification need to be equipped with special chips provided by apple. The cost of these chips is about $3 per piece. Plus the cost of wire manufacturing, transportation and time, the cost of a lightning data cable with MFI certification is at least about $20-25.