Apple charger recommendation (updated in March 2021) which brand of Apple charger is good?

Apple charger simple quick purchase strategy:
1、 The reference of cable is as follows:
Maximum charging rate
IPhone 12 series 22W
IPhone 11 series 22W
iphone SE2/XS/XS Max/XR/X 18W
iphone 8/8 PLUS 18W
iphone 7/7 PLUS/6S/6S PLUS/6/6 PLUS/SE 12W

2、 Wireless: the wireless charging protocol supported by iPhone 8 or above is Qi, which only supports 7.5W charging power at most. That is to say, there are many 30W and 40W wireless chargers on the market, but the maximum wireless charging protocol for iPhone can only be 7.5W. Generally, the wireless chargers on the market will support Qi protocol.
High cost performance Apple charger recommendation:
Highlights: pd30w / 20W Apple fast charger, Gan technology application, 40% smaller than the original apple charger, 30W power is very fast, a handle iPhone, iPad, macbook, highly recommended
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I believe many people still don't know how to choose apple charger after reading it. They feel that they don't understand it. The more they read about Apple charger, the bigger they feel.
1、 Apple cable charger recommended
Apple 20W usb-c Apple charger recommends Apple's official MagSafe wireless fast charging package. This charger includes 20W charging plug and 15W wireless charger. Note that it only comes with usb-c charger plug
Apple 20W usb-c Apple charger recommendation
Advocate the original quality, recommend Apple's own 20W fast charger
Third party high cost performance Apple charger recommendation
The third party's ultimate portable choice apple charger recommendation
Third party high cost performance 30W fast charging Apple charger recommended
Recommendation of third party 30W fast charging multi port Apple charger
C to l fast charging data line
2、 Wireless Apple charger recommendation

Apple MagSafe dual Apple charger recommendation