Apple charger recommendation / Apple charger purchase guide / which one is better?

As we all know, after Apple released the iPhone 12 Series in 2020, all the phones on sale on Apple's official website no longer come with chargers and wired headphones. There are only mobile phones and type-C to lightning fast charging lines in the packaging box.
So for new users of Apple mobile phones, they need to buy additional chargers. If you are an old user and have Apple's ancestral 5v1a charger in your hand, you probably can't stand the charging speed. You are eager to experience Apple's "fast charging black technology".
The following recommend several Apple chargers, analysis of their advantages and disadvantages, everyone according to their own needs to buy.

1、 Apple original charger

Apple's official 20W charger, if it's not bad for money, you can't be wrong to close your eyes. After all, it's Apple's official product. So this charger supports pd2.0, input is 100 ~ 240V, there are 5V / 3a, 9V / 2.22a two output voltage gear. The appearance of the 18W charger is basically the same as that of apple 11pro. The official website sells for 149 yuan.
Advantages: solid workmanship, meticulous, apple official product compatibility. 100 ~ 240V wide voltage, covering most parts of the world's city network voltage standard range, travel, travel can be assured to use.
The applicable Apple products are as follows:

2、 Anker Apple charger

This charger is mainly portable, with apple 5v1a charger volume. Input is 200 ~ 240V, 5V / 3a, 9V / 2.22a two output voltage gears, the output point is the same as apple official charger. It also uses chips from the same factory as Apple's official charger. It can be said that it is a popular product, and his products are also sold on Apple's official website. Based on these two points, many people who want to buy chargers will pay more attention to Anker Anker brand. Compatibility is also consistent with Apple's official charger. The official website sells for 79 yuan.

Advantages: small size, light and portable, strong compatibility.
If you are more concerned about the size, such as some female friends often need to carry, then this charger can focus on consideration. Because it's really portable, it has a big advantage over other apple chargers on the market.
Disadvantages: the price is high for the third-party charger, in addition, its input is 200 ~ 240V, which is a relatively narrow range. If you go abroad, some countries may not be able to use it.
3、 Purple rice / millet charger

Why put the chargers of Zimi and Xiaomi together? Because the two brands of 20W chargers, regardless of the packaging or appearance, internal components are the same. It can be said that purple rice is millet shell. The charger input is 100 ~ 240V, 5V / 3a, 9V / 2.22a, 12V / 1.67a three output voltage gear. It's smaller and heavier than Apple's official charger, but bigger than anck's. The official price is 39 yuan.
Comparison of internal components of two chargers
Advantages: very high cost performance, standard workmanship, medium volume and weight.

Disadvantages: compared with the original apple charger, the stability may be slightly worse.
The above is apple 20W charger related recommendations. More brand recommendations will be added later