Apart from this, no other material can replace your original data cable

Why is your data cable so easy to break?

Do not doubt that the reason lies in the material of the data cable shell.

At present, the most common data cable shell materials are basically two kinds: PVC, TPE. Among them, PVC is the highest rate of premature death.

Its skin is smooth and hard, and it will be broken if you are not careful. It's possible that when you wake up in the morning, you can pull out a new thread.

But the price is cheap, so it always has a place in the data cable market.

The price of TPE material is a little more expensive. Why? Because: environmental protection.

Because of this, all mainstream mobile phones such as Huawei, apple and Samsung use this material for their original data cables.


Although compared with PVC, its elasticity and toughness have been greatly improved, and it won't break easily in pulling, but it still can't avoid yellowing and skin bursting after a long time.

The material of the data cable determines that it is impossible to use an original cable to replace a new mobile phone.

However, it is too expensive to replace the new one, so various rescue methods emerge one after another.

Self made spring protection interface:

Heat shrinkable tube protection method:

Put the data cable into the heat shrinkable tube, and heat it around the heat shrinkable tube with a lighter to make it shrink, which is equivalent to reinforcing the interface.


Tape winding method:

Wrap the data cable interface with insulating tape for several turns, and a simple but effective protective jacket is ready.

But to be honest, it's troublesome to toss so many thoughts for a data cable.

Is there a data cable that can meet the standard of the original data cable and is not so easy to be broken?

Yes, that's what we want to recommend today: big rock snake 3.0 PD fast charging data cable.

Big rock snake data cable PD fast charging version

Continuous, not around, charging fast


Different from the general data cable, the shell of big rock snake data cable is woven and wrapped with high-strength nylon.

The biggest characteristic of this kind of polymer synthetic fiber is tenacity and wear resistance. It can withstand tens of thousands of times of tearing without breaking. There is no need to worry about the data cable breaking fast any more.

Flat external design, so that the data cable can be easily stuffed into the bag, and then take out without knot, bid farewell to the "chaos" trouble.

I still remember that as soon as the 1.0 and 2.0 era big rock snakes came out, they went crazy and sold 25000 pieces a year.

The only thing that makes fans dissatisfied is that they don't support PD fast charging.

Big rock snake, which iterates to 3.0, has solved this problem and perfectly supports the PD fast charging of iPhone 8 to 11 series.

It can charge nearly 50% in 30 minutes.

Not only the iPhone, it also supports the full line of PD and QC protocol fast charging, with the maximum power of 18 w for mobile phones and 60 W for laptops.

All the mainstream mobile phone brands and computer models can feel the pleasure of the rise in the number of electricity.

It should be noted that big rock snake has not passed MFI certification, so if iPhone users have such concerns, they must place orders carefully.

One = countless

Since Joe redefined "excellence", the minimalist trend in the digital world has lasted for a long time.

This big rock snake data cable adheres to the principle of "less is more" and is committed to solving all your troubles with one line.

Double head four interface, can produce four combinations, perfect to meet our daily needs.

Type-C to Lightning

It is mainly used in the transmission mode between Apple's new products, which enables Mac, iPad and other products to connect with iPhone for data exchange.

USB-A to Lightning

IPhone users should be very familiar with it. After all, it's everyday and the only way to charge it.

iPhone Charger Adapter

USB-A to Type-C

We should be familiar with the charging methods of mainstream Android products.

It is worth mentioning that the big rock snake data cable does not have a micro USB interface, which also represents the designer's attitude: the future will not be the world of micro USB.


Type-C to Type-C


Needless to say, new computers are basically equipped with this connection data transmission mode.

Whether it's power bank charging, computer charging, mobile phone charging, data transmission, big rock snake data cable can take on its own.

In addition, such as switch, reverse charging mobile phone, airplads, Dajiang Osmo, wireless charging base, etc., can be charged with it.

Travel, business, with this data cable is enough, bid farewell to the crazy line entanglement.

An excellent product should not only be simple in design, but also in color matching.

No fancy seven rainbow skin, big rock snake only two classic gun color head with black line and nickel color head with black and white line.

iPhone Charger Adapter

It seems simple, but it's the way to pay attention to technology and efficient digital products.

iPhone Charger Adapter

A mess of data cables and a mess of charging heads, until the big rock snake appears, will never return.


Are you still wasting your time to solve the problems?