Aohi magcube30w micro high power charger charging black technology experience

Our daily life has been inseparable from electronic products, but also can not lack of charger. I believe that we have used a lot of chargers, large and small. Most users are dissatisfied with chargers because of their low charging power, large charger volume and inability to support multi protocol charging. The one I share today is aohi magcube30w miniature high-power charger, which solves many users' pain points at the same time. It's really charging black technology.

The packaging box of aohi magcube30w micro high power charger is very small. Its main feature is micro fast charging, and it supports multi protocol charging. Its weight is only 42g, and its volume is 28 * 28 * 32mm.

This charger is the first product of aohi, and aohi is the self owned intelligent brand of Aohai technology. Aohai technology is also the core manufacturer of many mobile phone original chargers. With great expectation, I got this charger. At first glance, it's really small, but the maximum charging power may be 30W and there are many charging protocols supported. The size of this charger is even as big as Apple's 5W charger. The reason why it is possible to achieve such a small size is that it uses a new generation of gallium nitride technology. The new generation of Gan technology can not only greatly reduce the volume, but also improve the charging power. Such a small volume with 30W charging power is really a black technology.

Aohi magcube30w micro high-power charger also supports multi protocol charging, such as PD and QC. There is no pressure for iPhone and Android charging. Charging devices are not limited to mobile phones, from laptops to smart bracelets and TWS headphones. Even if you can only take such a charger to go out, it is enough to use, that is, a charging head, which can quickly charge all your digital equipment, so as to reduce the pressure of travel. Compared with other chargers, aohi magcube30w miniature high-power charger takes up less space on the patch panel, so it can be arranged reasonably.

Aohi magcube30w miniature high-power charger has different colors according to different charging states. The fast charging state indicates yellow breath flashing, the ordinary charging state indicates blue long light, and the micro current charging state indicates green long light. The charging state can be judged by the indicator light.

The measured charging power for Android mobile phone reaches 25W, the handshake is PD protocol, and there will be no big fluctuation.

Charging Lenovo's Xiaoxin air15 laptop can reach 29w power, which is also the PD protocol. However, this is low power for notebook computers, which takes a long time to be fully charged. Generally, it is recommended to use a higher power charger.

Charging TWS earphone belongs to micro current mode. Aohi magcube30w micro high power charger can control the current well without damaging the device.

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As big as Apple's 5W charger, it can provide 20W charging power for iPhone. As iPhone users, they can experience faster charging without increasing the size of the charger. Compared with most of the 20W chargers on the market, they are much smaller, worthy of charging black technology.

Aohi magcube30w miniature high-power charger has fine design standard of safe temperature control, which can reasonably control the temperature with low body feeling no matter peak power or trickle state. Aohi magcube30w miniature high-power charger's appearance technology is also top-notch, using the precision CNC process, regardless of the surface texture, or the interface design, you can see the advanced feeling.
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From the overall perspective of this aohi magcube30w micro high power charger, aohi is to build a high-end charging brand. The first product is sincere. From the small and delicate appearance to supporting multi protocol charging power as high as 30W, a charging head can quickly charge all digital equipment, and it is the best choice for iPhone charger. This charger is suitable for a wide range of people. Charging devices are not only limited to mobile phones, mobile power supplies, smart bracelets and TWS headphones, but also can be charged except for some private charging protocols. After several days of experience, aohi magcube30w micro high-power charger can basically meet my daily needs, but it is still because the charging power is too small, so the laptop needs to be charged separately. If your digital equipment charging power does not exceed 30W, it is a very suitable charger for you