Aohi Gan 30W Mini charger experience: Master of desktop space management

In the era of fast charging of personal devices, the charging power has been improved and the charging time has been shortened, which greatly improves the user experience and reduces the user's endurance anxiety. However, the volume of the charger is getting bigger and bigger. A 30W fast charging head is half the size of a palm.

When you travel or go out, there are more products that need to be recharged, so several chargers will occupy a lot of backpack space. Even if it is used on the table, the large charging head is extremely unfriendly to the socket design. Obviously there are two socket locations, but often after one is inserted, the other cannot be inserted perfectly. I believe many friends will have some adverse reactions to the picture below.

Under the strong demand for small volume and high power charging head, Gan charging head technology emerges as the times require. Gallium nitride is a kind of inorganic material, chemical formula Gan, is a compound of nitrogen and gallium, is a direct band gap semiconductor. For the charging equipment, the biggest advantage is that it can make the charging equipment maintain high power output and further reduce the size of the equipment.

Today's main character is the aohi magcube 30W fast charging head made of the new generation Gan + technology. Aohi may not be familiar to everyone, but in fact it is an intelligent brand of Aohai technology, a listed company. Aohi technology is the core manufacturer of original chargers for many mobile phone brands at home and abroad, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo and vivo. Under such a strong R & D background, its products are also worth looking forward to.

Product packaging is cool black design style, square flat box, printed with the appearance of charging head, the overall packaging is also prominent compact features.

From the specific output data on the back, it can be clearly seen that this charging head can support a variety of output power, including: 5V / 3a, 9V / 2.22a, 9V / 2.77a, 15V / 2a, 20V / 1.5A or 3.3-11v/3a. Yes, it can output 33W high power at the highest instantaneous peak value. The focus is on fast charging protocols that can support many devices, including apple 2.4a, Samsung 5V / 2a, Samsung AFC, qc2.0, qc3.0, qc4.0 +, DCP, FCP, SCP, PD 2.0 and PD 3.0. Among them, 15V / 2a and 20V / 1.5A high-voltage charging, which are rare in mini charging head, can have better charging power when charging large devices such as notebook or tablet.

But of course, high-power fast charging protocols such as Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo and vivo are basically private protocols. Naturally, they can only handshake with general PD or QC protocols.

The package inside the box is also very simple, that is, a charging head, instruction manual and warranty card.

The volume control of aohi's 30W fast charging head is really excellent. In fact, the specific size of aohi's 30W fast charging head is almost the same as that of Apple's previous "Wufu Yian" charging head, but its output power is 30W.

Compared with the 30W charging head of the MacBook Air and the 20W charging head of the iPhone, the gap is even more obvious.

In addition to excellent volume control, its own workmanship is also quite solid. You can feel the feel of thick and solid materials with your hands, and the shell has reached the fire rating of 94v0. There is also a metal CNC cutting outer ring on the type-C interface, which is not easy to deform after long-term plugging. There are fine carving patterns on the shell, and even a charging status indicator light. It's really a lot of work in the design.

In fact, for most users, even if they know how many kinds of charging protocols it supports, it is not as convincing as a direct test on the real machine, so the next step is to go directly to the test link (in order to trigger the fast charging normally, the remaining power of the following devices is 45% or less).

The test of Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra successfully triggered Samsung's 9V fast charging, with a peak charging power of about 25W.

Recently, the newly launched one plus 9 pro, because its warp fast charging is a private charge pump protocol, so it triggers PD charging, and it also has about 18W power.

Xiaomi 11 ultra successfully triggered PPS fast charging, and the charging power was about 25W.