Aodehong car magnetic suction wireless charging mobile power supply disassembly, this double magnetic suction design is too stable

With the release of Apple's new iPhone 12, the competition in the 20W PD fast charging market has become increasingly fierce, and there are quite a variety of chargers for iPhone 12 users to choose from. In contrast, there are very few magnetic suction charging accessories specially designed for iPhone 12 that can be used in cars. In the face of this situation, Shenzhen aodehong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a car magnetic suction wireless charging mobile power supply F3.

This product adopts two in one combination design, which is not only a small and portable mobile power supply, but also can be used as a wireless charging bracket in the car. In addition, it also supports magnetic absorption wireless charging, with charging power of 5W / 7.5w/10w/15w. The iPhone 12 can be absorbed and fixed when it is close to the car, which is very easy to worry about. When you get off the car, you can carry the mobile power around for emergency charging. The following charging head network is its detailed disassembly, to see how this product design and workmanship.

1、 Appearance of mobile power supply with magnetic absorption and wireless charging for aodehong vehicle

The front of the packing box is printed with the product appearance drawing, the product name and Qi certification mark are printed on the top, and the four characteristics of the product are printed below.

The back of the product is printed with the product use scene diagram and parameter information.

The package includes wireless charging, installation bracket, data line, magnetic paste and operation manual of on-board magnetic absorption. The center of the magnetic paste is equipped with a blue logo.

The top surface of the support is a soft rubber pad, which can increase friction force. A magnet is arranged inside to absorb the wireless charging and moving power supply.

The bottom is provided with adhesive to fix the bracket.

The support is connected by the rotating axis of the sphere, and can be 360 ° Adjust the face.

The mobile power body of mobile magnetic suction mobile power supply is flat and compact, and the top surface is decorated with black bright plastic plate. The center is printed with wireless charging logo, and the words "newqi" are below. The rest of the fuselage shell is sandblasted, gray, and the overall exquisite handle is good.

A power key is provided on the side.

When charging the mobile power supply, the LED lights up blue.

The LED is on green when discharging.

The back of the fuselage is provided with a heat dissipation hole at both ends for heat dissipation, and in addition, a product parameter sticker is attached.

Qc/pd input: 5v2a, 9v1.67a, 12v1.5a

Usb-a output: 5v2a

Wireless charging output: 5w/7.5w/10w/15w

Battery capacity: 5000mAh

The products have passed Qi, CE, FCC and ROHS certification.

Apple Cable

The length of the fuselage measured by vernier caliper is 118.91mm. The width is 63.44mm. The thickness is 15.53mm. Summary of dismantling charging head net

The mobile power supply F3 of audeihong car magnetic suction wireless charging is composed of magnetic suction wireless charging mobile power supply and bracket. The mobile power body is compact and light, and it is easy to be fixed on the vehicle or taken off the vehicle. The product is equipped with 1a1c interface, which supports QC and PD input without selecting charger; In addition, it also supports magnetic absorption wireless charging, with the highest wireless charging power of 15W and downward compatibility of 10w/7.5w/5w. When the magnetic absorption wireless charging bracket is on the car, it makes the iPhone 12 more convenient to use. It can be taken as a wireless charging mobile power supply when you get off the car. The two in one design is very clever.

iPhone 12 charger port

The charging head network is understood through disassembly that two PCB boards are built in the mobile power supply, which are respectively equipped with charging and discharging of mobile power supply and wireless charging circuit, and the layout is clear. The main control chip of mobile power supply adopts the IC ip5306, which has high integration, and can realize the function of voltage reduction and step-up by only one inductance; The scheme of Beland d9200 + d9015 is adopted for wireless charging. In the design, the mobile power supply is equipped with double magnets, which can be used to absorb the mobile phone more firmly with the magnetic paste.