Amazon's data cable sold well and was teased by peers! Suspected response to tnso late at night

At the end of last year, Amazon seller's late night blood and tears accusation history: five months after being targeted by VC python, I was robbed, trampled and shot Shocked the entire Amazon circle.

Apple Cable

Last night, Amazon sellers' circle of friends was swiped by "tnso peer attack incident". This is the VC incident last year, once again broke out the vicious competition of Amazon's Chinese sellers another big event!

Tnso is a 3C brand. Many of its data cable products have long dominated the best sellers list and new product list of Amazon US station. And yesterday burst out of the tnso shop a number of products have been changed, even the best-selling products are not spared.


Amazon data cable seller tnso multiple products are simultaneously mischievous, each listing title, picture, even product description are all maliciously by the same industry, all of which are very hot revenge text!

Product title:

Apple Cable

"My number is covered. Yes, tnso, cordking, liwin, wscsr are mine. Jeff doesn't want to come and put the horse here

Tnso is going to be engaged in all the same companies selling headphone data cables, complaints, poor reviews, and everything

Play merge review who has tnso to do fast, seal a chicken feather number, Jeff doesn't care at all

Over the past few years, I tnso died, I don't know how many numbers

Jeff counted that green onion again. I was afraid to take hundreds of tnso numbers. "


"Performance team is a piece of shit, tnso is to force so, hundreds of numbers I fear your performance team?"

"Tnso, our small sellers, even have borrowed money to brush credit cards to do Amazon. You lost our assessment again and again, and complained about our products repeatedly. How much inventory we made was not sold. Many of them were living in it. Some of us were dumped by you and some were ready to go to blood wash your whole company. You went to do this kind of business, We can't bear it. If you go with others, you can make more money. You don't have the chance to spend it. What is the use of making so much money? Dissolve your group of mischievous letters. You can go to the front page to review, it doesn't matter to us, but you make a mischief on us, and this must be paid off. "

Five points:

"Amazon can make a lot of money just like this

You have to study tnso hard. The secret to success is

First, merge several thousand Reviews


Second, buy hundreds of sellers

Third, lose the evaluation to peers and complain maliciously to all competitors

Fourth, add home page

Fifth, the buyer number of blackcome made a direct comment "

Netizen one: "eating melon also needs rational analysis, otherwise it is easy to be rhythm, this matter has been passed on by foreigners, tnso estimated to be affected.".. Including some of the usual small operations are estimated to be checked... It's really black.... It's so cruel! Can our Chinese sellers push their competitors step by step to the top of the storm, so that others will lose a layer of skin without death. Then they can find the opportunity to seize the pit when the competitors are unable to handle these messy and unnecessary business? Can it really be done? It's really a man who dies of wealth.. No means! When the truth is clear, this matter will only become a joke for foreigners! This is the Chinese in the business field.”

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Picture of forum without saying anything


We judge the incident on their own, and the small school will not make any guess. After all, the forest is big, there are any birds, and vicious competition is also part of the commercial ecology. Being a person, no matter how others respond to you, you respond in any way, by your own inner choice.


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