After canceling the charging head, will Apple cancel the charging line? Netizen: cook drifted?

In October, Apple's decision to cancel the distribution of chargers and headphones in the iPhone box caused a big stir,

Now nearly two months have passed since the launch of the iPhone 12. Whether we are convinced or not, Apple's cancellation is cancellation. Originally, I thought that Apple's Sao operation would end there, but I didn't expect that the good play would be far behind.

Recently, apple again conducted a questionnaire survey on iPhone 12 series users, including whether to use the included power cord, SIM card pop-up tools and stickers.

It seems to understand the user's opinions. You know, apple did such a survey before canceling the charger and headset. As a result, the news that Apple may consider removing the charging cable and other accessories in the future is expected to hit the hot search. The comments below are full of anger.

If we cancel the charging head this time and the charging line next time, do we have to buy the system, battery, camera and other parts separately in the end? Let's work together to make a "pinduo" of apple?

But ridicule belongs to ridicule. Calm down and see, we will find that Apple's series of actions, in fact, are not hot headed moves, but have traces to follow.

First, from the product development trend of mass manufacturers, wireless will be a major direction of mobile phone in the future.

Not only is Apple's MagSafe magnetic suction charger available, but Xiaomi also launched its first 80W wireless second charge in October. In the big environment, there will certainly be more manufacturers who will study their own brand of wireless charging devices, and rush into the market together to obtain new business benefits.

Looking at the current mobile phone peripheral supporting products, the birth of TWS Bluetooth headset has made many people give up wired headphones and smart watches and start to gather slowly in the wireless charging direction, which is obvious to all.

Second, apple officials may have already begun deploying wireless development plans.

Since the iPhone X series, the mobile phone body has gradually changed into glass texture, which is beneficial for wireless charging;

When the 3.5mm headphone port is cancelled, the airorders Bluetooth headset is also introduced;

This year, MagSafe magnetic suction charger was launched, and the distribution of charging head was cancelled;

According to media reports, next year's iphone13 series may be equipped with a non charging port design to achieve the iPhone's no gap.

In this way, the existence of charging head and charging line will not make sense to the new model except for the old ones, which will make apple more able to cancel the distribution in the name of environmental protection.

Thirdly, from the existing devices, wireless devices are indeed a little better than wired devices, and the gap will be bigger and bigger.

The most intuitive experience is to get rid of the wire. For example, when using Bluetooth headset, the mobile phone can still operate freely, the mobile phone no longer needs to plug in the charging head frequently when charging Wireless, and does not face a bunch of messy data lines when receiving, etc., which is the convenience brought by wireless.

Although the charging power of wireless devices is slightly lower than that of wired devices, under the guidance of the development trend of wireless, the manufacturers will continue to exert their power on wireless charging. It is only a matter of early and late to catch up with the wired equipment, and the technology will only become more mature.

Finally, we can't be more than sorry for the development of wireless.

But on a certain level, when the mobile phone manufacturers implement the "environmental protection" action and profit from it, should they also start from the perspective of consumers and reduce the price to ensure that consumers can trade in a fair and equal way, thus protecting the personal interests of consumers.

Crazy test of user tolerance is not advisable, after all, business pays attention to making people first and then making money. Otherwise, it only pushes users out of the door.

If Apple really cancels the charging line and other accessories next year, will you consider buying "Thirteen incense"?