Advantages and disadvantages of color changing riding glasses

Photochromic riding Sunglasses with UV400 protection grade: Shimano spark, aerolite; Domestic high-tech products are all good, about 600-700, which is of high cost performance. If you want high-end import brands, they range from more than 900 to more than 1000, including Rudy project, 100%, okley, UVEX, etc. When buying, you need to pay attention to the fact that photochromic Sunglasses must be UV400 lenses to protect your eyes (Baidu search UV400 sunglasses). If they are not marked as UV400, the UV filtering function is almost zero. Please be careful.

All suit, but the specific use is different, depending on the occasion and wallet.

A polarizer is a polarizer. There are additional special plating provisions to filter the reflected light of water surface and glass (including car windshield) at some angles (usually when squinting). Therefore, when you ride by the water in the sun and on the road with many cars, you should wear a polarizer - note that it is also called polarizing sunglasses, because it also has a coating to filter the UVA and UVC (harmful to human eyes) ultraviolet rays of the sun( Some polarizers are used in other occasions without filtering ultraviolet light. Real polarized sunglasses are the most expensive, how to distinguish between true and false, there are articles on the Internet.

A color changing mirror is a light-induced color changing mirror. There is light change coating, indoor is transparent, light gray or light brown, in the sun, the color becomes dark. It belongs to multi-functional Sunglasses (the transmittance of standard sunglasses is very low, and they need to be removed when they feel too dark when they enter the room from the outside). However, the filtering of ultraviolet rays is not as good as sunglasses, and it has no polarization function. There are also differences in this kind of discoloration. One or two or three hundred are mostly discoloration. They don't have the coating for filtering UVA and UVC. Real color changing sunglasses have complex technology and high cost, and domestic brands that can be trusted will start at 400.

Riding glasses are the protection of the eye, wind and strong light. It is suggested to choose two colors of gray and green. The audience has better protection effect. It can choose the best polarizing function and filter the strong light.

Most riders ride on roads, and on a sunny day, roads reflect sunlight better than mud or grass. Because of the different riding posture, cyclists have more time to look directly at the road than ordinary cyclists, and thus receive more ultraviolet reflection? Long term absorption of ultraviolet rays by eyes can cause cataracts! Bicycle friends mostly have eyes blown by the wind tears and eyes into foreign matters experience? If you ride in winter covered with snow or in Tibet covered with snow all year round, the sun will shine directly on your eyes after the sun reflects on the snow. It is easy to suffer from "snow blindness". Riding glasses can greatly protect your eyes from these injuries.