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As more and more mobile phones begin to support wireless charging function, wireless charger has become the mainstream charging method. With the iteration of my wife's mobile phone, most of the charging places at home have been replaced by wireless charging devices.

However, one place has not been replaced, that is, the mobile phone bracket used in the car.

Reason for purchase


Because the previous mobile phone bracket is not wireless charging, and it is relatively cheap, it needs to plug in and out the charging cable in the process of each use, which is very inconvenient. Sometimes it will fall off in the process of driving. Now it is very dangerous. Especially when setting the navigation, if it falls down, it will be a real disaster.


So this time, when you want to buy a car bracket, you need to have all kinds of functions, which are not only firm and reliable, but also can support wireless charging. As soon as the mobile phone is put on, you can realize the charging function immediately, and you no longer need to plug in and out the data cable.


I also visited my aunt for a long time. As a result, I saw an article by Aunt yuan and found out the brand of MOMAX. The reason why I finally chose this brand was that his wireless car charger can charge wirelessly. When the mobile phone is placed on the bracket, the clamping arms on both sides will automatically tighten, which maximizes the stability of the mobile phone on the bracket, So as to minimize the risk of falling.


Brand introduction

From knowing the brand to understanding the brand, we have done some homework. After all, the price of the car wireless charger is relatively expensive in the car charger of Lin Liang man. After searching the brand information of MOMAX, we found that MOMAX is a consumer electronics brand in Hong Kong, mainly for consumer electronics products, including mobile power supply, charger, wire, protection, video and audio products.

This brand was founded in 2003 and entered the Chinese market in 2009. It covers a wide range of products. At first glance, it is not a small workshop. The quality is also guaranteed.


There are two kinds of car chargers stuck in the air outlet in their home, one for magnetic absorption and the other is to tighten the clamping arm automatically by gravity induction. Because my phone is 8p and has no magnetic absorption function, I finally chose to tighten the clamp arm automatically by gravity induction.


I will change my phone in the second half of the year, and then I will iterate to magnetic absorption, which should be more convenient to use.


Appearance display


Appearance display

Charger packaging mainly describes the function and the most basic use method. The assembly of the mobile wireless charger can be completed through the outer packaging. It has a function introduction. It is known that the MOMAX mobile wireless charger supports the arm clamping function on both sides.

Details display

Main accessories are the main body of the car charger, the adapter of the cigarette lighter and the buckle fixed at the air outlet.

Charging base is suitable for various voltage and current input and output, and it is suitable for various models

Qualcomm 3.0 quick fill, no choice of models, ease of mind matching. The diameter of the buckle spring at the air outlet is very thick, and the elastic coefficient is very strong. The single hand pressing will show a little stress. It can effectively ensure the stability of the air outlet. Both sides of the mobile phone support are provided with electric shock switch for opening and closing. As long as the touch is slight, the clamp arm is separated immediately. At the same time, there is capacitance power supply in case of flameout. Touch within a short time after flameout, and can still be opened and closed normally.

Feeling of using

  1. High sensitivity of charging response, i.e. no waiting for charging at discharge

Whether it is my old 8p or my wife's 12, the charging seat is very well recognized for the charging area, basically put and fill. There are some flat charging bases in the home that must be moved to the right position to start charging. At the same time, the second speed is on and fast charging is available. Besides, it is suitable for Apple 7.5W wireless fast charging, and also suitable for 15W Samsung and other models.

  1. 360 degree rotation, adapt to various scenes in addition to the normal vertical, MOMAX also provides horizontal, users can adjust according to their own different needs.

Because the car phone bracket arm has its own adjustment function, it is not necessary to worry about the risk of falling off the mobile phone when it is in horizontal type. It is safer and more reliable.


  1. The clamping arms on both sides are tightened automatically to prevent the mobile phone from falling off


The lower part of the mobile phone bracket adopts gravity induction. When the mobile phone is placed on the bracket, the two sides of the buckle are tightened automatically, and the reaction is very quick.


When the fingers touch the switches on both sides, the clamp arm can be opened smoothly even if the ignition is off.


Because of the automatic arm design, in the actual use process, the portability is greatly improved, and the operation can be completed by one hand. The clamping arms on both sides of the left and right have rubber gasket. The mobile phone is placed inside the bracket. If the two sides of the clamping arms are not released manually, it is difficult to take out directly.


  1. There are many suitable models, large and small sizes


This car phone supports the fit model screen size from 4.7 "to 6.7 inch. Most models are suitable. My 8p case with ACG can be put in it without pressure.


After looking at the official recommendation, basically, mainstream models have been supported.


  1. Lower convex design of buckle and stable air outlet locking


It is also a small detail that determines the success or failure of the car. Nowadays, many mobile phone supports are two parallel cards when designing the buckle. This is very unsafe when the support falls down along with the mobile phone with the bumping of the vehicle.


The MOMAX mobile phone bracket has a lower convex design in the position of the spring buckle, which makes the air outlet more stable after locking.

 iPhone Adapter

Spring shrapnel is very tight, which further increases the stability of the support on the vehicle. At the same time, there are gears inside, which can increase friction to the maximum extent.

 iPhone 12 charger port


OK, although the mobile wireless charger of MOMAX is a small thing, the more small things can see whether the design is attentive or not, in my opinion, the price of this mobile phone bracket for the mobile phone with MOMAX wireless charging is a little bit expensive, but it is also expensive.