A glasses that can take pictures, intelligent camera glasses

Introduction to the
Easy to operate, small and delicate, beautiful and practical, easy to carry, is the security, media, travel, life and other fields necessary practical tools, favored by the majority of users.
3 million pixel camera clear digital recording, simple and convenient operation.
Streamline fashion design ergonomic wearing a comfortable HD camera 640*480 can be directly connected to the computer to download files, without any driver.
Built-in 4GB memory expansion card slot: TF/Micro SD card real-time recording, recording every beautiful moment of life.
It is indispensable for journalists, traffic police and travelers.
1 secret appearance -- the world's most secret multi-function recording and video USB disk sunglasses, fashion frame streamline design, high-grade atmosphere!
2. HD camera --3 megapixels
3. HD Photos -- The camera is too small to detect, so you can take high-definition photos at 1600x1200 resolution anytime and anywhere.
4 Continuous shooting -- Built-in 550mAh lithium battery, can support continuous 3-4 hours of shooting, don't worry about giving up recording halfway!
5 synchronous recording - video recording support at the same time, within 15 square meters can be clearly recorded the sound, really clear without noise!
6. Mainstream picture quality -- 720X480VGA picture quality, smooth playback, provides a strong guarantee for police departments, courts and other evidence collection.
7 super capacity - up to 4G high-speed driverless memory, suitable for any computer and electronic devices with USB interface.
8 network video -- can be used as a webcam, convenient and practical, you can enjoy the unimpeded high-definition pleasure at any time!
Convenient playback - AVI video format, can use any video player directly on the computer playback, simple and convenient operation!
10 don't need to drive, support WINDOWS98 / se/ME / 2000 / XP / 98 MAS OS NUX operating system, such as do not need to manually install (except WINDOWS98).
11 high-grade gifts - fashionable appearance, practical function, hidden use of techniques, can deal with any occasion, gifts top grade!
Updated version parameters
Main functions: digital camera, video recording, MP3 player, Bluetooth headset, sunglasses
1) Support a variety of audio formats: MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV and other formats of music.
2) The effective distance is 10 meters
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V2.0
Talk time: 5-6 hours
Standby time: 150 hours
3) Lenses: High quality polarized lenses imported from SAFEAU
4) Easy to operate, friendly interface, and computer connection: can be realized with desktop computer/laptop computer fast barrier-free connection, without any driver software
5) Extensible memory: 2GB-8GB, which can store up to 5 hours of shooting video
6) Safeau camera glasses are sleek and elegant, from the world's top designers, and look equally cool for both men and women.
7) physical specifications: product size of 170×160mm×40mm, high-speed read-write gt;
700kbs, 500kbsUSB 2.0 [1]
8) Power supply: Embedded power supply, 420mAh lithium polymer battery power adapter: DC 5V, 420mAh power consumption <
0.4 watts
9) Memory expansion space: 1GB-8GB
10) Photos: 640x480, 1.3 megapixel photos:
11) Video: 1280×1024AVI video format
12) Suitable working temperature: 0-60 C°
13) Storage environment suitable for temperature 20-80 C°
14) Play QuickTime, Real Player, Storm Video
15) Language of the menu: English
16) Operating system Windows 98 /ME/ XP / 2000 / Vista/7
Range of application
Stealth surveillance video
A record of police enforcement
Security company utility tools
Personal rights protection certificate
The anti-grilling team caught thieves and thieves
Driver Driving Collision Record
Invisible monitoring of night love car
I.U disk storage
Matters needing attention
Please strictly abide by the relevant national laws and regulations, do not use this product for other illegal purposes, otherwise the consequences.
Do not use this product in hot and humid working environment.
Do not direct the camera to the sun and other super light sources, so as not to damage the optical devices.
Do not use it in an environment where the dust density is too high, so as not to contaminate the lens and other parts with dust, which will affect the camera effect and shorten the service life.
This product is a high precision electronic product, do not be subjected to strong impact or heavy pressure, or in the environment of strong magnetic field and strong electric field use.