63w fast charging charm, one-step car charger for old drivers

With the rapid development of science and technology, people's living standards continue to improve. Nowadays, the car has become the standard of every family. It's a good choice to take your family for a ride in your spare time, or take a self driving tour together. But then again, as the saying goes, driving for five minutes, traffic jams for half an hour. If the power of the mobile phone is in a hurry during driving, it's really hard for people to complain. So for the users who often drive, it is very important to add a charger to the car. #Scientific and technological grass planting group: necessary digital goods#

Throughout the whole car charging market, there are many types of car chargers on the market. There are many practical car chargers, but few care about charging efficiency. So many users in the selection process is very tangled, do not know how to start. Just recently, I found an efficient and practical car charging product, which adheres to the idea that good things are not exclusive. I also want to share with you a wave. You old drivers might as well know about it.

[package display]

First of all, in the packaging design, we can see the intention of cablecreation brand. The external packaging of this car charger looks very simple, without too much fussy element design. With the logo of the front brand and the car charger modeling, users can understand the appearance of the product very intuitively and clearly, giving people a great sense of texture.
[appearance display]

After unpacking the box, the main body of the car charger comes into view. The overall use of fashion simple black to create, black gives people calm and steady, in the car can be a good match with the environment, will not appear too abrupt, but also can highlight the user's unique taste style. At the same time, the piano baking process with PC material design of the surface also appears very texture, high-end atmosphere on the grade, is to describe this product, right.

In the upper part of the car, it is made of ABS material. The surface of the rhombic pattern is delicate and skin friendly. It is matched with the theme black appearance, and the insertion of cigarette button will not produce any abrupt feeling. It can match with the car interior, giving people a feeling of integration. The design of the product itself is harmonious, and the small and light fuselage is particularly comfortable to hold. There are two-way shrapnel on both sides of the vehicle, which can effectively guarantee the contact stability in the case of bumpy vehicle. There is no need to worry about poor charging contact during driving.
[innovation details]

The next thing to explain is the crucial link. As we all know, charging efficiency as the core of a car charging, no matter how amazing the appearance, if there is no high-speed charging ability, it is just a beautiful "vase". And cablecreation brand to create this car charger, up to 63w total power, can bring efficient and strong charging speed. The design of two independent interfaces is very humanized. It can not only provide fast charging for apple and Android mobile phones, but also notebook computers. Compared with the ordinary car charger on the market, it can easily be competent for charging support of more devices.
It is worth mentioning that, especially the pd3.0 fast charging interface, combined with usb-c to lightning data cable, can fill 50% of the power of the mobile phone in half an hour. And for laptop charging, up to 45W charging effect, can also quickly feed the device power. In addition, the car charger also supports qc3.0 charging protocol, which makes it also supports fast charging for models of Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung and other brands. Even if the two ports are used at the same time, the charging efficiency will not be affected. It is more convenient to use.
Of course, under the premise of ensuring high-speed charging, the car charging has also passed a number of safety certification. Not only the material selection is environmental protection and safety, but also the intelligent IC identification chip is built in the car charger, which can match the current according to the needs of the equipment. ABS is not only environmentally friendly, but also easy to be rubbed and worn during charging.
[user experience]

In the process of selecting car chargers, price is often the primary factor. Although there are many cheap car chargers on the market, why do you have to choose the cablecreation brand? The main point is that it can bring me a safer and more comfortable experience. Thanks to the internal high-performance and low-power core dual chip, the car charger has multiple safety protection measures, such as over-current and over-voltage, anti leakage and short circuit protection measures, which can effectively avoid accidents caused by the charging process of the mobile phone, so as to ensure the efficient charging and make me more secure.

[summary] in a word, the car charger made by cablecreation brand is excellent, especially in terms of appearance details, charging performance and safety performance. In the process of use, the dual fast charging interface of the car charger is very humanized, and there is no pressure for the two devices to charge at the same time. The 65W total power output combined with multiple safety protection measures can not only improve the charging efficiency, but also do not worry about any damage to the equipment and the car. If you old drivers go in and plan to start a car charger, then I believe it will be a good choice for you.