36W qc3.0 car charger is only 62 yuan, which is necessary for Spring Festival travel

Recently, Xiaomi has launched a new Honeywell car charger, which has dual interfaces, is compatible with PD | QC dual flash charging, and has a total power of 45W (including 36W for qc3.0). It is a necessary product for self driving in the Spring Festival. It can quickly charge the electronic products, and no longer have power anxiety. New price 62 yuan, cost-effective, interested friends can pay attention to.

Pd3.0 fast charging protocol, it is recommended to match with PD fast charging cable to support the full series of fast charging of iPhone 8-12. 45W total power, charging on the car, full power off the car, to meet the needs of the driver and co driver at the same time fast charging. The USB / type-C port supports a variety of fast charging.

With intelligent control chip, it can automatically adapt the current required by the equipment. It is made of multi-layer metal materials to release the heat generated by the internal components of the car charger quickly. Three point integrated snap design, even in the bumpy road will not break the charge. Compatible with all kinds of models, it can be used in cars / trucks.

Cool colorful atmosphere lamp, soft and not dazzling, night use can also quickly find the charging port. It is compatible with all kinds of mobile phone, tablet, headset, dash cam and other terminal electronic products at the same time.