300 mobile phone cases, 1000 metadata cable, Apple's "making a fortune" does not rely on iPhone accessories

From last year's cut in the starting price of the iPhone 11, to the first half of this year's various promotional price cuts, and then to the launch of the cheap iPhone se, you will find that Apple seems to be more and more close to the people. The iPhone, which originally needed 5000 or 6000 to start, can now start with 3000 or 4000.

Some media even believe that Apple will reduce its dimension and launch a price war with Android in the mid market.

However, when Xiaobian recently browsed the peripheral accessories of Apple's products, he completely dismissed this idea. Apple is also the profiteering company that pursues the ultimate profit and makes the most money.

Let's look at the Gadget: the iPhone transparent case is not wrong. This is the transparent protective cover for us to buy on a certain treasure platform. The transparent protective cover for 9.9 yuan package mail is the biggest difference from the mobile phone cover we use. The official mobile phone cover of Apple will sell to 329 yuan.

iPhone Adapter

The case is not only thin, but also not yellow, and it has scratch resistant coating inside and outside, which is not easy to scratch, officials said.

But the small editor thinks that the main purpose of the mobile phone cover is to prevent falling. In fact, it is not different from the 9.9 normal mobile phone case, and neither logo nor graphic design, and Apple's pricing is really capricious. Some netizens joked: the price of 9 yuan, 320 is IQ tax.

Other peripheral products are also expensive, such as the Apple Mac Pro display bracket, which has exceeded the price of an iPhone, and sold to 7799 yuan. At home, the price of this bracket can even buy a good TV. And then, Apple's official website recently launched a 2-meter-long thunderbolt 3 Pro (thunderbolt 3) cable, which costs up to 949 yuan.

According to the official introduction, the 2-meter connecting wire adopts black braid design, which is not easy to tangle when rolling up, and supports Lei Li 3 data transmission, with a speed of up to 40Gb / s; However, the editor learned that Apple official website also has a 0.8 meter Lei Li 3 (USB ‑ C) connection cable, non woven design price 320 yuan. It is doubtful what weaving technology this is, really inch meter inch gold.

In addition, the latest news also revealed that Apple will cancel the attached charging head and headphone accessories in the upcoming iPhone 12 series.

At present, taking the 18W fast charging head sold on Apple official website as an example, the price has reached 243 yuan. If it can not be given free, the cost of purchasing the machine for users without charger will undoubtedly rise again.

iPhone Charger Adapter

For apple, although these peripheral accessories are only "scraps", according to IDC, the international data company, apple smartphone shipments in 2019 is 191million, under such a large sales volume, the small cost control will save apple a lot of money.

Luo Yonghao, founder of the hammer mobile phone that has failed, once felt that it was just "make friends" when he walked through the mobile phone circle. But looking at Apple, it really means "it doesn't matter whether you can make friends, so you want to make your money."

I don't know. What do you think?