29 pieces of 9 upgrade 36 watt on board type-C dual channel PD + qc3.0 charger

Last year, I bought a 13 yuan Newman dual qc3.0 18W + 18W (36W in total) car charger, which was safe and stable after half a year. However, this charger does not support the PD protocol of my wife's mobile phone, Apple's fast charging, so I made this qc3.0 + pd3.0 Dual Protocol (also 18W + 18W) charger at the station. I don't have to talk about it and talk about it according to the old rules

The brand is Ruiliang. Recently, it's a common export to domestic expert in charging circle

Look at the packing. It's not like the goods are produced for the domestic market

The back is the main protocol, power parameters, etc., the most important Description: pd3.0 + qc3.0 dual protocol, dual interface

The total charging power is 36W, supporting 18W type-C + 18W usb-a charging at full speed at the same time

The official model is rcc107, which is the lowest price in history

Integrated plastic packaging, turn around to see, there is no place to start, directly with scissors

There is a certificate in it. The production date is July 2020. It's OK

Orange usb-a interface + Black type-C interface, piano paint on the outer ring (it should also have a circle of LED lights)

Detailed electrical parameters are marked on the side

Input: dc12v-24v;
Output: type-C / USB;
Total output: 36W (max)
The three kinds of charging output power basically cover the 18W fast charging protocol of most mobile devices. Compared with the fast charging head of the patch panel, it may not be too fast, but compared with the vehicle environment, it can provide two 18W stable power supply, and it will not encounter the situation that the low-power car will charge less and more when the navigation is on at high speed and the Bluetooth is connected to listen to music
Conclusion: the workmanship is fair and the price is small and expensive

After loading, it basically meets the expectation. However, compared with Newman's double qc3.0 charging head, which cost 13 yuan before, Ruiliang Zhitu, which is 29 fast 9, seems a little expensive. However, for pd3.0 and type-C interface, less than 30 yuan is acceptable, and the wallet can endure for a while.