2021 mobile phone charger purchase guide! How to choose mobile phone charger? Mobile phone charger recommended!

Now most people can not do without mobile phones, mobile phones can help us to do many things, but because we often have to use mobile phones, resulting in mobile phone power consumption is particularly fast, so it is necessary to choose an easy-to-use mobile phone charger! High quality mobile phone charger can not only charge quickly and improve the charging efficiency of mobile phone, but also protect the mobile phone. If you don't know how to choose high quality mobile phone charger, this article will recommend some high quality mobile phone chargers to you!
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Types of mobile phone charging cable
What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing mobile phone charger?
About mobile phone charger
Mobile phone charger recommendation
Charger recommendation
Multi in one charging line recommendation

In the past, there were many kinds of mobile phone chargers, because the interfaces of mobile phones were quite various. However, with the development of science and technology, the current charging line interface has been designed by subtraction. The mainstream mobile phone charging lines in the market include micro USB interface, type-C interface and lightning interface.

Micro USB interface: Micro USB interface is the most common mobile phone interface on the market. It has been available for a long time and is generally used for Android phones.

Type-C interface: type-C interface is a popular interface in recent years. The charging line of this interface has faster transmission speed and strong power transmission. More importantly, the type-C interface can be inserted into the mobile phone no matter on the front or the back, so it is more convenient to use!

Lightning interface: Lightning interface is used for Apple mobile phone. Both lightning interface and type-C interface can be inserted into the mobile phone.
What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing mobile phone charger?

Material of mobile phone charger: the shell of high-quality charger will use native plastic, so its flame retardancy is very good, and the safety index of charging is also relatively high, while the inferior mobile phone charger uses recycled plastic, so the charger of this material has some potential safety hazards!

All kinds of certification of mobile phone charger: qualified mobile phone charger will have 3C certification, and the mobile phone charger with 3C certification is in line with the national mandatory production requirements; whether there is a zigzag sign, which refers to the double-layer insulation protection of mobile phone charger, indicating that the charger has two kinds of insulation methods.
The charger of the mobile phone is of high quality, and the appearance of the charger will not be deformed!
About mobile phone charger
Will fast charging hurt cell phone batteries?
In fact, both fast charging and ordinary charging methods will cause certain damage to the mobile phone battery, but the damage of fast charging to the mobile phone battery is higher. Compared with fast charging, the damage of incorrect charging methods to the battery is higher. For example, playing while charging will accelerate the aging of the battery.
Can mobile phone chargers be mixed?

Mobile phone charger can be mixed, and will not cause great damage to the mobile phone battery!

What brand of charger is better?

Of course, it's better to choose the original charger, but because of different usage, many people will choose other brands of mobile phone charging cable, such as lvlian, Beisi and other brands are good choices!
Mobile phone charger recommendation
Mobile phone chargers within 200 are recommended (some are packages)
Highlight: as we all know, starting from Apple 12, the iPhone is no longer equipped with a charging head. The charging head needs to be bought separately. The compatibility of this charging head is very high, and it is applicable to all models above iPhone 8. If it is a user of Apple mobile phone, it is recommended to start with this charging head, and the charging speed is fast!
Lvlian cd224
Highlight: This is a PD fast charging charging head, which has multiple interfaces and can charge several devices at the same time to improve the charging efficiency of the device; the charging head adopts imported PI chip, which has fast charging speed and high safety index. The charging head has built-in intelligent identification chip, which can charge quickly without harming the mobile phone.
Nubia pa0202
Highlight: the appearance of the charging head is very attractive, the gray black shell color, feel is also very good; the use of the charging head is simple and fast, because the interface of the charging head can realize blind plug, the power will be automatically allocated, there is no need to distinguish the interface! The volume of charging head is small and convenient to carry!
Beisi gan2 Pro Gan fast charging charger
Highlight: the charger has fast charging speed and high safety factor. The charger has the function of double port blind plug-in, which is very convenient to use. The charger is small in size, easy to carry, and BTC heat dissipation technology. When the charger is used, the temperature will not be very high, so it is worth starting!
Zimi zmiha835
Highlight: the appearance of the charger is high, the black appearance is full of technology, and the shell of the charger has been frosted, so it feels very good! The charger has three different interfaces, which can meet different needs. This charger is suitable for Xiaomi mobile phone, because it provides the flash charging function for Xiaomi 10!
200-300 mobile phone charger recommended
Vivoiqoo 120W flash charger
Highlight: this charger is suitable for vivo mobile phones. The mainstream power of the charger has reached 1.2 million flash charging, which can charge the mobile phones quickly. The charger has passed Rhine certification, so the quality of the charger is very good. The charger has built-in intelligent chip and dual temperature module, which can monitor the temperature of the charger in real time and adjust the output power, which can be very good Protect your phone.
Bess 120W Gan charging head
Highlight: the workmanship and texture of the charging head are very good. Even the plastic charging head gives people a very delicate feeling. The charging speed of the charging head is fast, up to 120W; the volume of the charging head conforms to the characteristics of gallium nitride, especially small and convenient to carry.
Xiaomi 120W cable charging suit
Highlight: the white appearance is very simple, the workmanship and texture of the charger are very good, and the feel is good! Charger charging speed is very fast, is a fast charging function of mobile phone charger. Charger's small size, will not occupy too much socket location, charger's safety factor is also very high, is worth starting!
Bess Gan Gan Mini fast charger
Highlight: this mobile phone charger can realize multi port fast charging function, which is very convenient to use. The charging head is widely used, not only for mobile phone charging, but also for laptop charging. The charging head is small and convenient to carry!
MOMEX Gan charger 100W
Highlight: the charger has four interfaces, which can be compatible with different devices for charging at the same time. The overall charger is very good, and the workmanship is exquisite. The shell is made of frosted material, which feels very good. This charger is very suitable for people who often travel on business!
Multi in one charging line recommendation
Beisi flash series two drag three data line
Highlight: This is a two to three data cable, which can meet different charging needs. The charging cable has the function of fast charging, which can charge notebook computers and other devices quickly, improve charging efficiency and save time. The power of the interface is indicated at the interface of each charging cable, which is very convenient to use!
Beisi three in one data line
Reason for recommendation: the charging line with fast charging function has fast charging speed, and the charging line also has display fast charging, so the working condition of the charging line can be easily observed. The charging line adopts 6-strand thickened copper core, which greatly increases the conduction surface, carries high current fast charging, and the alloy warhead is not easy to break!
Highlight: the Nylon Braided charging cable is not easy to break and durable. This three in one charging cable can quickly charge the mobile phone. The charging cable has MF certification, so the mobile phone will not pop up when charging! The charger has built-in apple / iPhone certification chip, which can protect the mobile phone battery well!
If the demand for chargers is relatively large, you can choose a multi interface mobile phone charger. There are different charging needs, you can choose three in one mobile phone charging line!

So much for the mobile phone charger! I hope this answer will help you! Can continue to pay attention to this article, will recommend more cost-effective mobile phone charger from time to time!