2021 magnetic wireless charger purchase strategy, the major brands of magnetic wireless charger recommended

Apple's mobile phone make complaints about the iPhone12 series four models, which makes many users who make complaints about iPhone12 need to buy a charger. The iPhone 12 series is equipped with a new 15W MagSafe magnetic charging technology. However, the price of official MagSafe accessories is very expensive, so the price of Tucao is more than 300. Today, I'd like to recommend some cheap alternatives to MagSafe wireless charger, and talk about the principle and parameter selection of MagSafe wireless charger.

1、 Advantages of magnetic absorption wireless charging scheme

When it comes to the advantages of the magnetic absorption wireless charging scheme, friends with apple watch experience should have a deep understanding. Whenever charging the apple watch, they can always easily and accurately pair with the wireless charger. In contrast to the mainstream mobile phone wireless charging scheme in the market, the accurate positioning between the transmitter and receiver has always been a headache. If the position of the mobile phone is slightly deviated, the charging efficiency may be greatly reduced, which not only affects the charging speed, but also leads to energy loss, hot charging and other problems.

Apple uses 36 magnets and staggered arrangement design in the iPhone 12 this time, which can make the mobile phone and wireless charger accurately locate and pair through the attraction of magnets, so as to enter a more efficient wireless charging state. At the same time, a magnet can also be used to ensure that the mobile phone will not be displaced due to vibration in the process of wireless charging, and will be in the best charging state in real time, so as to improve the user experience. Of course, Apple will also develop a new wireless charger accessories.

The adoption of magnetic absorption wireless charging scheme can not only solve the problem of charging alignment, but also play an important role in educating users. Because wireless charging is the trend in the future, and Apple's goal is also very clear, that is to let users get rid of the shackles of charging cables as soon as possible, and finally realize the non porous design of mobile phones.

2、 Magnet ushers in panic buying

As the iPhone 12 adopts a new magnetic suction wireless charging scheme, the third-party wireless charger must have magnetic suction function if it wants to be compatible with the new iPhone wireless charging. This will directly lead to a huge demand for magnets in the wireless charging market.
Many iPhone12 mobile phone users make complaints about 300 of the price of the Apple's official website. The following is the talk about the magnetic charge wireless charging of the parity price substitutes.
3、 MagSafe magnetic wireless charger recommendation
1. MagSafe wireless power bank pow3
Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Charging mode: wireless fast charging + wired fast charging
Charging power: 15W wireless + 22.5/20w wired

Highlight: domestic top 3 wireless charging brand, supports PD and QC fast charging protocols, supports maximum 15W wireless fast charging and 20W wired fast charging of iPhone 12. It can also be used as a mobile phone stand to watch movies while charging wirelessly.

Excellent low temperature control, long time charging is not easy to get hot. The surface of the power bank is treated with high-end plush paint, which makes it feel good.
2. Tulas MagSafe magnetic wireless charger
Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Charging mode: wireless fast charging
Charging power: 15W wireless
Highlight: small and light design, support the 15W magnetic absorption wireless fast charging of iPhone 12 mobile phone, adopt the fixed charging scheme of ice magnetic original magnetic field, do not worry about signal interference and other problems.

3. Nalkin MagSafe magnetic wireless charger

Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Charging mode: wireless fast charging

Charging power: 15W wireless

Highlight: the thickness of this nuergin MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charger is only 5.2mm, which is light and convenient for daily storage, and supports wireless charging up to 15W. Magnetic suction charging adsorption stable, you can play while charging, no problem.

4. MagSafe magnetic wireless charger
Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐
Charging mode: wireless fast charging
Charging power: 15W wireless
Highlight: Rolex magnetic wireless charger comes with nine fold safety protection function and FOD intelligent foreign body identification function to avoid unnecessary power consumption. Charging can support the maximum 15W wireless charging power of iPhone 12, with good performance compatibility.
5. Jojar magnetic wireless charger
Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐ Charging mode: wireless fast charging
Charging power: 15W wireles
Highlight: jojar magnetic absorption wireless charger adopts Apple seamless adsorption charging function, and perfectly absorbs 36 magnetic absorbers of iPhone 12 to charge, so as to prevent injury caused by improper charging.
4、 Summary
Generally speaking, there is no problem if you just want to choose those wireless chargers that cost tens of yuan. The above shared products are more magnetic wireless chargers recommended by iPhone 12 users. You can refer to them when you buy them.