18W fast charging Wireless Power bank comes out, what more data cable?


Our work, our life and even our entertainment

Almost all the time is inseparable from the mobile phone

Whether it's a game, a play, a chat, or paying for a ride,

It's all done with a cell phone!

But it's not enough

I can't help but panic every day,


Especially my 2-3-year-old battery degradation!

This leads to

The biggest fear of going out is not having no money in your pocket

It's the cell phone that doesn't have power, so

Mobile power has become a necessary life-saving equipment for human hands

However, the small power bank

There's too little storage, and I have to carry it in my pocket

Earphone, data cable, charging head and so on are very troublesome

As a result, many friends are not willing to take it with them

Prefer to use shared power bank

Now the price of sharing power bank is also rising secretly

It costs 3-5 yuan to charge

I forgot to return it. Congratulations

Dozens of oceans have been collected again!

Xiao Bian made a careful calculation

Don't you think it's good to buy one of your own by using the shared power bank a few times?

Xiaobian today will specially recommend a charging artifact

Fast charging Wireless Power bank from Dr.It

It can solve most of your pain points

Most of your needs can be met

It has everything you want!

In order to strictly control the quality

We started a test ahead of time

The appearance is treated with ABS UV light

Bright black double mirror. LED electric quantity display

It's not bad. It's smaller and lighter than I thought

The appearance value is also very high. It's light and x-grid to take out~


It charges fast, really fast!

18W charging power, not hot!

You can charge the iPhone 50% in half an hour.

But charging the phone fast is not enough


The power bank also needs to be charged fast

Who can bear the charge of slow one-way fast charge

This kind of power bank is input and output double fast charging

Can achieve amazing 18W power

It's not just charging the device fast

When you charge yourself, you don't need ink!

Dr.It supports dual USB

Design of 18W wired fast charging + 10W wireless fast charging

It's very efficient and user-friendly. Carrying PD protocol

Support apple pd-18w fast charging and qc3.0 protocol

It can also support three devices charging at the same time

IPhone X: 30 minutes to 50%

Xiaomi 8:30 minutes to 40%

Some fans complained backstage:

Every time I go out, I open my bag and pull the power bank

Twisted into a ball of charging cable, mobile data cable, headphone cable

What a bother! Is there a wireless power bank?

Of course!

In fact, there is no need to bring so much thread

Dr.It power bank not only supports wireless charging

Or 10W wireless charging

Compatible with 5W / 7.5w/10w, support Qi standard

All mobile phones that support wireless charging can be used

It's enough to take a fast charging power bank outside

What more data cables do you need when you have a meal?

In addition, Dr.It is also very intimate!

iPhone 12 charger cable

Double USB middle also increases LED flashlight function

It's brighter than a normal flash

Emergency lighting in case of no power on mobile phone at night

Even the flashlight is saved when you go out at night!!

Dr.It has 10000 MAH capacity

iPhone 12 charger cable

It can charge the iPhone x about 2.5 times

According to the current smart phone 1 charge a day of urine

there is no need to panic in daily travel

As long as you don't explore deserts, forests and caves

Hold on for three or two days, no problem!


Take it to go out, and the power of mobile phone is full


iPhone Charger Cable

Fully meet the demand of travel charging!