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Recently, many people are asking me, which 20W quick charging head is better. I think, 20W charger, is it the charging head that many people were talking about when the iPhone 12 was released. To support environmental protection, the iPhone doesn't have a charging head, which will be better suited for the iPhone's charging.

For other watt charging heads, you can refer to the following question:

2021 full price 65W gallium nitride charger recommendation (latest update March)
Let's start with a picture:
If you want to know what charging head the iPhone series chooses, if you want to know what the maximum power he supports first. For example: the maximum power supported by the iphone12 is 20W, and the maximum power of the iphone11 series supports 22W. After all, the fast charging speed is getting faster and faster. The millet has already been filled with 120W, fast and fast.
If the mobile phone system is Android, I will probably let you consider the charging protocol, but iPhone series phones, it is unnecessary, I will be in two parts.
Original charger
Third party charger
01. I believe that the friends who buy iPhone phones are all those who pursue high operability. If your wallet is really different in thickness, you can choose the charger from the original factory.
After all, it is the original equipment, so, needless to say, everyone knows. It's just that the price is a little expensive.
02. Third party charger
Anker, this charging head,
The price is 73 yuan, and the volume is basically as big as the iPhone 5W charging head, but one disadvantage is that the pin can not be folded. But it's cost-effective.
Zimi, this charging head,
It is also very portable. It is found that many manufacturers are basically learning the iPhone 5W charging head when designing the charging head. One disadvantage is that the pins can not be folded, and they are easy to put in the bag and hold other things.
Beisi small square charging head,
It is used to have two touch parts, bright surface and matte, and supports apple 2.4a, qc3.0, qc2.0, FCP, etc. in performance.
Barley 20W charging head.
Qcafcpd3.0 fast charging, 9v2.22a and 12v1.67a are supported. Mainly iPhone charging head
Mcdo 20 W quick fill head.
Mcdonagallo has a special round hand. Two colors, support, apple.2.4aqc3.0affcfcpscpp.2.0 and other protocols, three fixed gears, are very suitable for charging iPhone phones.
20 W charger for moms.
Moms supports protocols such as PD, PPS, apple2.4a, qc2.0, qc3.0, qc4+, AFC, etc
Small meter 20W charging head.

Support QC, AFC, FCP, pc3.0 and other protocols. In addition to iPhone, Android phones can also be used.