14.3 a large number of third-party magnetic wireless chargers failed / icloud login and activation problems lasted for 36 hours

Apple icloud login and activation problems last 36 hours

At about 4:45 a.m. EDT on December 25, apple icloud had login and activation problems, and the system status page of Apple's website also showed that "some users were affected.". Apple support said on Saturday afternoon us time that the problem had been resolved after the failure lasted nearly 36 hours.

IPhone 12 upgrade IOS 14.3, a large number of third-party magnetic wireless charger failure

According to charging head network report, apple IOS 14.3 in mobile phone wireless charging update, directly lead to a large number of third-party magnetic absorption wireless charger failure.

Previously, Apple released the official version of IOS 14.3 on December 15. In addition to supporting Apple fitness + and airpods max, iPhone 12 with dual sim card supports independent 5g and other important updates, it also solves the problems that the device may not be able to charge wirelessly and MagSafe dual charger may not charge wirelessly for iPhone at maximum power.

Apple applied for a new patent: adaptive ambient light, or apple glass for smart glasses

Apple recently applied to the US patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a new patent called "display system with localized optical adjustments", according to foreign media phonearena. The patent may be related to a new headwear black technology product that apple is rumored to be brewing. It is understood that Apple may release the product in the next two years.

Netizens released old photos of 2007 to show the production line of the first generation iPhone

On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs, one of Apple's co founders, formally introduced the first generation of iPhone smartphone to the public at Macworld 2007, and it was put on sale on June 29 of the same year.

Former Apple engineer @ Bob Burrough released four old photos from 2007 last week, showing the original production line of Apple's iPhone and revealing how the epoch-making smartphone was born.

According to several foreign media, the picture above depicts the later stage of the assembly of the first generation iPhone. It seems that it was shot in Foxconn's factory (it is well known that Apple has a high level of confidentiality towards the iPhone), and it seems that it is carrying out quality inspection.