100W Mini: idmix 100W 3c1a charger experience

The past year has been a very special one. Although affected by the epidemic, the digital industry is still developing rapidly. Apple MacBook from 85W to 96w, 100W PD charging demand is growing. At the same time, with the gradual popularization of nitriding technology in 2019, small volume + multi output chargers are also blooming everywhere in the market. As a loyal charging fan, I have also started several high-power multi port chargers. Although they are blessed by Gan, they are still large but bulky. Today, this one is the smallest one I have ever seen: idmix 100W 3c1a charger

The package is composed of upper and lower parts. The top half is the attached charging cable, the bottom half is the machine body, and do not need to see the series of instructions
wire rod
First put the body aside, the texture of the cable is TPU material, with Velcro for easy storage, moderate soft and hard. The following figure shows the hardness comparison between randomly rolled up and ordinary braided wire, coaxial line and liquid silicone wire.

Km001c and kt001 are used to read the E-MARK information of the cable, which supports 20V / 5A. Data transmission only supports USB2.0, which is generally only used as charging wire.

Noumenon appearance

The main body adopts white gray color contrast design, standard foldable pin and gray idmix logo, which makes the overall feel more mellow

As a reference, the length and width are similar to those of kt001 and km001c, which is one circle smaller than the other two 100 W nitriding gears, and is worthy of the title of "mini"

There are three usb-c pins and one usb-a pin, all of which are black rubber cores. Different from other products, they are marked with different power. The logo is the logo of notebook, tablet and mobile phone, which is more convenient for Xiaobai users to choose the appropriate interface
As a charger, the most important thing is the actual use. First look at the name plate parameters
Single port output
output power
5V3A 9V3A 12V3A 15V3A 20V5A
5V3A 9V3A 12V3A 15V3A 20V5A
5V3A 9V2.22A 12V1.5A
4.5V5A 5V4.5A 9V2A 12V1.5A
The conclusion is as follows
When port C3 and port a are used at the same time, the total number of the two ports is 5v4a. In other cases, the allocation of the four interfaces is 60W, 45W, 20W and 22.5w. When C1 + C2, C2 port is 30W
Then, kt001 is used to detect the charging protocol of the four interfaces. The reading of PD message is the same as that of the nameplate. The usb-c2 port has a set of PPS output of 3.3-11v 4.05a, which is more compatible
In terms of charging protocol, all the four interfaces support all the mainstream charging protocols except vooc, with good compatibility.
Compared with other products, this charger is smaller and covers the mainstream charging protocol. This time, I only used my own most commonly used scenes, C1 charging MacBook, C2 charging iPad, port A / C3 charging airpods, apple watch and iPhone with wireless charging board, iPhone was not shown because of shooting.