100% cycling glasses myopia

If the solitude is large and the lens is large, it's better to make your lens according to the specification, because generally, the lenses are flat. If they are installed in such a large radian, they must exert a hard force. It's not good for the degree. It depends on how many degrees you have. If it's 300, you don't need to move. If it's 500, you'd better reduce 25 degrees. If it's over 60, you'd better reduce 50 degrees, I have to get used to the feeling of the band minus 50. The astigmatism doesn't move, and the definition is very poor.

There will also be large radian reflection and other things out, it is best not too big

It is recommended not to buy myopia lenses online, because you take frames and lenses to the optical shop for processing, and basically no one will accept you, because the processing fee is too high, I'm sorry, but you are not willing to charge too much; What's more, it's not easy to explain if it's scrapped. It is suggested to go to the optician's shop to match lenses. They are also more responsible.

Single myopia sets are suitable for low power, because the inner frame needs a suitable thickness of the lens. I have more than 200 myopia, plus a certain astigmatism, have been using myopia glasses. Try to set the mirror, not suitable for yourself, abandon it. Now it is recommended that you go to a professional ophthalmic hospital for optometry, and wear appropriate glasses according to the DG results. Usually pay attention to the reasonable use of eyes, read for one to two hours, rest for 5-10 minutes, try to avoid DFG for a long time in front of the TV, computer and other electronic products, do more outdoor sports, eat more DFG food containing vitamin A, help DSG relieve eye fatigue. It is suggested to drink two cups of Jiuwei Tongren tea every day to clear the liver and eyesight, dredge channels and activate collaterals, and accelerate the metabolism of eye capillaries.

What you need is a pair of myopia polarizing sunglasses. The selected frame is very large, and the effect is good.

Short sighted riding glasses, I've searched for you for a long time, but I didn't find them. In fact, you don't need to wear glasses when you are short-sighted. If you often wear glasses, it's easy to cause visual fatigue, dry and sore glasses. According to the degree of your myopia, usually pay more attention to use your eyes, don't watch TV for a long time, especially don't stay up late to watch football, this is super bad for your eyes, you can buy a set of acupuncture eye mask, can help you massage the acupoints when your eyes are tired, the effect is very good.