100% cycling glasses are real or fake

You can download a picture with polarizing light on the Internet. You can see the pattern with polarizing mirror. It's not that polarizing light can't see it! This is the most direct way!

Cycling glasses mainly include bicycle lens changing glasses, bicycle myopia glasses, mountain bike glasses and so on. Because in the process of riding, the change of speed and the influence of wind speed have a great influence on the eyes. Exposing the eyes in the wind for a long time is easy to lead to dry eyes. When the eyes are opened at last, they will feel sour, no stickiness! So for riding, it is very necessary to wear riding glasses.

Glasses can block most of the wind from affecting our eyes, reducing the time of eye fatigue to some extent. Another is that if the sun is too big, direct sunlight will cause considerable damage to the eyes

Riding glasses and sunglasses do not have to, do not use sunglasses in riding. Riding glasses have more wind protection than sunglasses. Don't underestimate this function. It can greatly reduce your chances of conjunctivitis. So usually good riding glasses, when riding too fast, their eyes can not feel the wind blowing sad. There are also riding glasses that do not use glass as lens information. It should be used to strengthen your ability to get hurt when you fall, while resin can keep your glasses from being scratched. The following is a brief introduction to the selection of riding glasses with the sunglasses information found in the month.

The varieties of solar lenses are roughly divided into:

Anti reflective protective lenses, colorful lenses, colored lenses, polarizing lenses and color changing lenses.

Anti reflective protective lenses: this kind of lens is to apply a thin layer of magnesium fluoride on the surface to prevent strong light reflection, so that you can see things more clearly and not disturbed by strong light. To check whether your glasses are really anti reflective protective lenses, you can aim the glasses at the light source. If you see purple and green reflections, it shows that the lenses are indeed coated with anti reflection maintenance film.

Colorful lenses: also known as "dye lenses", that is, in the process of lens production, with some chemicals, the lens appears color, to absorb specific wavelengths of light. This is the most commonly used type of sunglasses.

Color lens: this kind of lens has the same function as colorful lens, and the method of making it is different. It is to apply color to the surface of lens. What we know most is "gradually colored lens". The color is the deepest one on it and then becomes lighter and lighter. Usually, the sunglasses with degrees are mostly treated by color coating.

Polarizing lens: in order to filter the eye-catching light of the sun shining in the same direction on the water, land or snow, the lens is referred to as the polarizing lens by taking part in the straight special coating. Best for outdoor sports (e.g. marine activities, skiing, or fishing).

Color changing lenses: also known as "photographic lenses.". Because the chemical substances of silver halide are involved in the lenses, the original lenses are bright and colorless. When exposed to strong light, they will become colored lenses to protect them. Therefore, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use together.

The sunglasses colorful lenses do not need the function and function of color:

In addition to the differences in raw materials, the following describes the role and function of sunglasses with different colors.

Gray film: the gray lens can absorb any chromatogram evenly, so the viewing scene will only darken, but there will be no significant color difference, showing the real natural feeling. It is attributed to neutral color system.

Tea lens: filter out a large amount of blue light, can improve visual contrast and clarity, and wear better in case of severe air pollution or fog. Usually can block the reflection light of smooth light appearance, the wearer can still see the thin, is the ambition of the controller.

Green lens: in the absorption of light, the maximum limit to add green light to the eyes, so there is a cool and comfortable feeling, suitable for the simple tired eyes of people to use.

Grey Lens: similar to gray lens, it is also attributed to neutral lens, but it has deeper color and higher visible light absorption.

Silver lens: the lens surface adopts high-density mirror coating. Such lenses absorb more reflective visible light, suitable for outdoor sports people.