100% cycling glasses

Product Name: Oakley single lens sports glasses (a set of 12 pieces)

Product size: the total length of the lens is 14cm

Product details: super value 12 Piece Set = piano baking lacquer frame + Tan lens + light blue lens + dazzling Tan lens + dazzling color lens + yellow brightening lens + myopia lens frame + headwear rubber band + sports protection rope + spectacle cloth + spectacle bag + exquisite packaging box. Oakley outdoor sports glasses are specially designed for the characteristics of bicycles, motorcycles, skiing and other outdoor sports. They have the protective functions of sand proof and eye protection

Product material: the lens is made of Japanese polycarbonate (PC) material. It has the characteristics of ultra light weight, impact resistance and not easy to break, and uses the perfect combination of anti radiation and anti ultraviolet materials (coating process) of high-grade solar lenses, which can cut off the ultraviolet rays up to 385nm, 100% anti ultraviolet. The whole glasses can withstand strong impact force in motion without breaking, protecting eyes without harming human body, Absolutely safe. It can be called the most ideal sports sunglasses for car lovers!

PC lens, formerly known as polycarbonate lens, is a lightweight, wear-resistant, impact resistant and high transmittance professional polyester material lens. Its excellent characteristics are widely used in the aerospace industry, so it is also known as "space film". The weight of PC lens is very light, the specific gravity is only 1.5g/cm3, which is similar to the density of water. Its low refractive index and relative transmittance are very high. Its hardness reaches the level of 2h-4 of the international anti impact standard. It is 10-12 times higher than ordinary resin sheet and 60 times higher than glass lens. PC is commonly known as bulletproof glass, 100% anti ultraviolet, 3-5 years will not be yellow (ordinary resin will be yellow in a few months), weight 37% lighter than ordinary resin.

Product design: the product is elaborately designed according to the principles of human bionics, mechanics and optics. The features of human face shape are carefully studied. The comfortable nose pad is used to analyze the forces in various directions during the movement. The unique frame radian design cushions the forces in the movement. The mirror pieces of different colors are suitable for different sports occasions. Most of the styles are linear, And unique

The types of solar lenses are roughly divided into:

There are five kinds of anti reflective protective lenses, colorful lenses, colored lenses, polarizing lenses and color changing lenses.

Anti reflective protective lens: this kind of lens is coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride to prevent strong light reflection, so that you can see things more clearly and not disturbed by strong light. To test whether your glasses really choose anti reflective protective lenses, you can aim your glasses at the light source. If you see purple and green reflections, it means that the lenses are indeed coated with anti reflective maintenance film.

Colorful lens: also known as "dyed lens", that is, in the lens manufacturing process, some chemicals are added to make the lens appear color, so as to absorb the light of a specific wavelength. This is the most commonly used lens type for sunglasses.

Color lens: this kind of lens has the same function as colorful lens, and the method of making it is different. It is to apply color to the surface of lens. What we know most is "gradually colored lens". The color is the deepest one on it and then becomes lighter and lighter. Usually, the sunglasses with power are mostly treated by coloring.

Polarizing lens: in order to filter the sun shining on the water, land or snow in the same direction of the eye-catching light, in the lens to participate in the straight direction of the special coating, called polarizing lens. Most suitable for outdoor sports (such as sea sports, skiing or fishing).

Color changing lens: also known as "photosensitive lens". Because the chemical substance of silver halide is added to the lens, the original transparent and colorless lens will become colored lens when exposed to strong light for protection, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Sunglasses colorful lenses do not need the function and function of color:

In addition to the differences in raw materials, the following describes the role of sunglasses with different colors.

Gray film: the gray lens can evenly absorb any color spectrum, so the viewing scene will only darken, but there will be no significant color difference, showing the real natural feeling. It belongs to neutral color system.

Tan lenses: filter out a lot of blue light, can improve the visual contrast and clarity, in the case of severe air pollution or foggy wear better. Usually, it can block the reflection light of the smooth and bright appearance, and the wearer can still see the slim part clearly. It is the ideal choice of the driver.

Green lens: in the absorption of light, the maximum limit to add green light to the eyes, so there is a cool and comfortable feeling, suitable for the simple tired eyes of people to use.

Gray Lens: similar to gray lens, it belongs to neutral lens, but with deeper color and higher visible light absorption.

Silver lens: the surface of the lens is coated with high-density mirror. This kind of lens absorbs more visible light and is suitable for outdoor sports.

Yellow lens: strictly speaking, this kind of lens does not belong to the sun lens, because it almost does not reduce the visible light, but in foggy and dusk time, yellow lens can improve the contrast and provide more accurate vision, so it is also called night vision mirror. Some young people wear yellow sunglasses as decorative applications.

Light blue, light pink and other lenses: also more decorative than practical lenses.

Dark green lenses: absorb heat, bring cool feeling, but the light transmittance and clarity are low, suitable for sun exposure, not suitable for driving.

Blue lens: you can wear sun blue lens when playing on the beach. Blue can filter the light blue reflected by the sea and sky. You should avoid using blue lens when driving, because it will make us unable to distinguish the color of traffic signal.

Tong Ming lens: Tong Ming lens is actually a little light yellow, because the contrast is shallow, so it is called Tong Ming lens. It can be used as wind mirror or rain proof mirror.

Glasses are the most important role for us to block ultraviolet rays, which will greatly induce our cataract risk. The strength and strength of UV protection are not related to the color of our lenses, and related to the lens information and film. The above colors should have the defense ability of uv380 or the color will be replaced if the color is deeper