1.5m support fast charging, Zimi elbow game fast charging data cable evaluation

With the continuous development of mobile phones, the work that a mobile phone can accomplish has far exceeded the limit of calling. Work, life, entertainment and other aspects can be done with mobile phones. In the past, you need to carry your ID card, mobile phone, key and wallet when you go out, but now a mobile phone is enough.

More and more users like to play games on their mobile phones, because they are not limited by the location and time. When they want to play, just take out their mobile phones directly, but the battery life is often unsatisfactory, so they often have the phenomenon of charging while playing. Mobile phones can be charged and put at the same time, but I believe many users will find it uncomfortable to put the data cable, whether it is between the index finger and the middle finger or between the middle finger and the ring finger. Therefore, Zimi, a well-known domestic accessory manufacturer, has launched an elbow data cable to provide a more comfortable holding environment for game users.

1、 Zimi elbow data cable

This time, purple rice has launched elbow data cable for the mobile game player. There are black and red color colors on the appearance. Users can choose different color matching data cables according to their own needs.

The data cable adopts the braided body, which is more wear-resistant and dirty resistant than the traditional TPE material, and can effectively extend the service life of the wire rod. The wire is close-up with the woven body. The wire body is covered with woven material. The wire is more thick and strong, and the knitting process is more compact and it is not easy to burr.

The elbow game knitting data cable of Zimi is usb-a connector at one end, and usb-c connector is on the other end. The position of usb-a terminal is printed with the brand logo of purple rice.

2、 Details

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At present, more and more mobile phones use usb-c as charging interface. The charging end of this data cable of Zimi also adopts usb-c connector, which is suitable for most smart phones in the market, and has better compatibility.

And the length of 3mm is reserved between the bent place and usb-c connector, which is to ensure that the phone can be charged normally even if it is wearing a protective cover, which will not hinder the problem.

The elbow part and wire rod connection also do the lengthening bending treatment, even if the connection has bending situation, there is no need to worry about breaking, the quality is better. The usb-c connector has 16 pin pins in total, 8 pin pins on the top and bottom.

Also, the usb-a terminal and wire rod are also extended protection, the bending resistance is greatly enhanced, and the service life of the wire rod is prolonged.

Usb-a end internal close-up, a total of four contact contacts.

3、 Length specification

The measured length of the wire is about 153cm from the end, half the length of the conventional 1m wire, so that when playing games, you don't have to worry about the data cable too short and affect the operation.

The diameter of wire is about 3.71mm, which is a little thicker than that of the general wire.

4、 Game environment

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Connect usb-c end of wire to mobile phone, and you can see that there is a blank area between elbow part and mobile phone frame. After all, it seems that wearing protective cover on mobile phone seems to have become an unnamed standard. The new machine will keep up with the protective cover when it comes to hand. Therefore, the connection of purple rice online material has been treated in detail, which is very good. Finally, when playing games, I am afraid to block hands. Wire doesn't need to sew through my fingers, and go down the frame of the mobile phone.

5、 Charging measurement

The elbow game woven line of purple rice is specially introduced for the mobile players. The knitting thread body is 1.5m long. The usb-c end has made special bending processing and reserved the space of the protective sleeve. Here is the performance of power transmission.

The purple rice elbow game braid line and charger are used to charge the 5g game mobile phone of Nubia red demon. At this time, the power is 6.15v 2.16A 13.34w, and the wire supports fast charging.

The black shark 3S game phone is charged with purple rice elbow game braid and charger, and the power is 5.85v 2.78a 16.29w. The power of Meizu 17 Pro is charged with purple rice elbow game braid line and charger. At this time, the power is 8.94v 2.61a 23.35w, and the power is improved.

iPhone 12 charger port

Use the purple rice elbow game braid and charger to charge Huawei mate30, and the power is 8.57v 2.90a 24.86w.

Use the purple rice elbow game braid line and charger to charge iqoo 5 pro, at this time the power is 7.69v 2.95a 22.70w. The iqoo 5 is charged with the game braid line of purple rice elbow and charger. The power is 7.98v 2.65a 21.15w.

Summary of charging head network

The rapid development of mobile phone has exceeded everyone's expectation. 10 years ago or even five years ago, people would never think that a mobile phone will affect all aspects of life, nor will it be possible for a mobile phone to run all kinds of cool games. Nowadays, more and more users like to play hand games, and the mobile phone runs longer and longer. However, Naihe battery has not kept up with the rapid development, so it is normal to charge the mobile phone while playing games.

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When playing games, connect data cables, believe that no matter from the mouth of tiger or finger sewing will not feel comfortable, long time hand will be sour. So Zimi's elbow game fast filling knitting line is designed for the hand game players. The ingenious design of bending allows the data cable to go out along the border of the mobile phone, without blocking hands and affecting the operation. And also reserved space even wearing protective sleeve can be filled, details of the processing is good.

The braided wire body, 1.5m long, fast charging support, elbow usb-c charging connector, believe that this wire of purple rice will provide a smooth charging posture for users who like to play hand swimming.