1+1>2? Will you love the combination of exquisite wireless charger and heating coaster?

Although wireless charging technology has appeared for a long time, it has not been popularized for a long time. It has been nearly two years since it was really popularized. With the iPhone also replaced with a glass back shell and the main promotion of wireless charging, there are more models supporting wireless charging, and there are also more third-party wireless chargers on the market.


Nowadays, wireless charging is basically the standard configuration of some small mobile devices, such as mobile phones. However, with the continuous progress and improvement of wireless charging technology, many people may not expect that today, wireless charger can realize the function of micro "induction cooker".

Before winter started this year, desktop heating coasters of different sizes appeared on e-commerce websites on a large scale, and many colleagues around me bought such products. This kind of products are mainly divided into two categories: one is the direct heating of the coaster, which can heat any product placed on the surface of the coaster; The other is the use of wireless charging, only for the use of special water cup can be used. The two types of heating cups have their own advantages and disadvantages, but from the perspective of safety, the wireless charging heating cup is obviously safer, and it can be used for multiple purposes. Besides being used as a heating cup pad, it can also be used as a mobile phone wireless charger. Today, the ifory 2-in-1 wireless charging base we evaluated has made two wireless charging / heating modules in one product, 1 + 1 > 2? Take a look at the difference between this two in one wireless charging base and ordinary heating coaster.


Ifory 2-in-1 wireless charging set with fashionable materials

Ifory 2-in-1 wireless charging base includes a 2-in-1 wireless charging base, a 45W PD charger, a 1.8m long type C charging cable, and a special ceramic cup + cup cover for heating wireless charging board. There are a lot of things in the whole package. Let's carefully arrange the products in the package before testing.

Ifory two in one wireless charging base

Let's take a look at the most important protagonist of the two in one wireless charging base. The surface of the two in one wireless charging base is a plastic base plate with anti-skid pad. Two status indicators and touch switches are located between the two charging positions of the charging base. The whole wireless charging base presents the characteristics of simplicity, atmosphere and distinct area.

However, the surface of the 2-in-1 wireless charger is not a simple plastic substrate. In order to increase the durability and beauty of the 2-in-1 wireless charger, the surface is specially treated, and even hard objects such as ceramics, glass and metal will not easily cause scratches. The anti-skid pad has two functions: one is to provide basic anti-skid for mobile phones and other items; Second, as a regional division, it can guide the user to place the device in an accurate position.

The shell uses the same CNC process as apple MacBook to process a whole piece of aluminum alloy directly. This kind of material and processing method has several advantages: 1. Compared with other materials, aluminum alloy will be lighter under the condition of ensuring almost the same strength. 2. A whole piece of aluminum alloy CNC processing compared to stamping and other processing, although labor and material costs, but can ensure that the product can have better strength and durability. 3. Aluminum alloy as a shell, the heat dissipation of the whole equipment is also of great help.

The surface of aluminum alloy is sandblasted, which can not easily leave fingerprints and other marks, and also has good antioxidant effect. As a desktop heating coaster and wireless charger, the anti-skid effect can not be ignored. Although aluminum alloy has various advantages, it does not have anti-skid characteristics, so it still needs to rely on other materials to increase the anti-skid performance of the two in one wireless charging base. On the two in one wireless charging base, ifory is equipped with four arc rubber anti-skid strips, which can achieve excellent anti-skid performance on a variety of desktop materials.