Apple 11 uses Pinson's 20W charging head and original data cable. Will this combination do harm to the health of mobile phones

If this Apple phone is your main phone, it's better to use the original data cable or apple MFI certified data cable. According to Apple's official statement, if you use a third-party data line that is not MFI certified, it may cause problems such as overheating of the phone connector, abnormal charging, and damage to the device!

If this Apple phone is a slave, Pinsheng's data line quality is OK.

Third party Apple data line with MFI certification, recommended brands: Anker Anke, Netease Zhizao, Jingdong jingzao, Xiaomi Zimi, uni;

Non MFI certification but good quality of third-party data line, recommended brands: RITI, Pinsheng, Romas.


For more information about Apple's data line, please refer to my previous answers. You can basically solve the problems related to purchasing apple's data line

 iPhone 12 charger cable 

Does apple have a third-party data cable?


No problem, charging head as long as the agreement is met, 3C certification is OK.

 iPhone 12 charger cable

The key is the MFI data line, you use the original will not have any problems.

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It's no problem as long as it's not a miscellaneous brand, it's not so delicate, and it's OK without MFI certification. It's just a mobile phone. Just buy the right power for the charging head, otherwise the charging will be slow (although it's also slow)