Xiaomi pushes the car wireless charger again, with high power and high recognition, which is common to Samsung and apple

With the release of Xiaomi 9, more and more mobile phones support wireless charging, followed by a variety of wireless charging accessories are also more and more abundant. After the release of Xiaomi 9, many people did not buy Xiaomi wireless car charger. After several months of sales, it is still hot, and the popularity of accessories seems to have surpassed the popularity of mobile phones.


Xiaomi wireless car charger is produced by Zimi in Jiangsu Province. As one of the manufacturers of Xiaomi ecological chain, Zimi not only has a good market in the power supply category, but also gradually becomes a new benchmark in the industry with strict requirements for products.

Xiaomi wireless car charging accessories include car charging host, C-Port data cable, car charger and plane paste base.

At present, there is only a black version of Xiaomi wireless car charger. In terms of car charging material, the overall material is made of plastic. The front of the car body adopts an oval design. A 2.5D glass panel is covered on the front as the charging panel. There is a protective film on the surface. Remember to remove it before use.

The glass material on the surface is also beneficial to heat dissipation. There are different designs on the back and front of the fuselage. The back of the fuselage is protruded from the inside to the outside, the bottom is a heat dissipation hole, and the top is a car filling fixing frame, which can be fixed on the plane base or air outlet.


There is a button on the top of the fixed clamp of Xiaomi wireless car charger, which is used to control the opening of the fixed clamp. There is no need to worry about the influence of the clamp on the air outlet. The fixed clamp is made of gear like soft rubber, which plays a better role in fixing.

In order to better fix the mobile phone in the car, both sides of the Xiaomi wireless car charger are equipped with an automatic telescopic clamping arm, and the inner side of the clamping arm is also made of soft glue to avoid leaving scratches on the mobile phone. At the bottom is the type-C charging interface, which is the same as most smart phones.

Xiaomi wireless car charger is equipped with a car charging head as standard, with double port design. The orange interface is the wireless car charging interface, and the other interface can be used for charging other intelligent devices. However, it should be noted that the plug should not be confused, and the head will not work normally.

After the power is turned on, the Xiaomi wireless car charger will light up a circle of blue lights, and the effect is better at night. I am driving the corolla model of FAW Toyota. I feel that it matches the black interior very well, and it looks very high with the instrument lights.

There is a sensor under the Xiaomi wireless car charger. When the sensor senses that the mobile phone is approaching, it will automatically open the clamping arm. The mobile phone can be put into the wireless charger. After that, the clamping arm will automatically close. Similarly, if you want to remove the mobile phone, there is not a touch button on the side of the bracket, and the clamping arm will open automatically after touching, you can remove the mobile phone.

Of course, if your car's air outlet design is not so harmonious, then you can choose the flat base to paste the instrument or other suitable position. Remember to clean the dust before pasting the base, so as to avoid the unstable paste affecting the stability of the car.

Xiaomi wireless car charger supports a maximum of 20W Wireless Flash charging. As the best configuration of Xiaomi 9, it only takes 90 minutes to fully charge once, and there is no need to worry about the battery life when using the navigation. No need to lose without Xiaomi 9. IPhone, Samsung S9 series and Xiaomi mix3 can all work normally. What do you think of Xiaomi wireless car charger? Welcome to the comments section.