Xiaomi 20W vertical wireless charger evaluation: the most desirable wireless fast charger

When it comes to wireless charging, I believe many small partners are familiar with it. In short, it is used to transmit electric energy by magnetic field, so that the charger and charging device can complete charging without wire connection. At present, the most popular should be in smart phones. For example, when driving, you can directly put the mobile phone on the wireless bracket for charging, so you don't have to rush to plug in and plug in the charging wires when you get on the car. It's also very convenient to use the wireless charger in the office, so you can charge the mobile phone as soon as you put it on, and you don't need to pull out the wires when you go, so the experience is naturally better.
The 70 Mai wireless car charger I bought before
Nanfu 10W wireless charger

However, when it comes to wireless charger, Xiaomi also recently brought a new product - 20W vertical wireless charger. Let's take a look at the performance of this "stand up" wireless charger?
On the outer package, Xiaomi 20W vertical wireless charger continues the consistent design style of Xiaomi, and prints the appearance, name and some highlights of the product on the guarantee pair. You can see the logo in the lower right corner, indicating that Xiaomi 20W vertical wireless charger adopts the double coil design.
It's also easy to unpack accessories. There is nothing more than a charger, a manual and a type-C charging cable. Of course, the official price of this 20W vertical wireless charger is only 99 yuan, so it's also standard.

In terms of appearance design, Xiaomi 20W vertical wireless charger is all black color matching, with engineering plastic shell and frosted texture treatment, so the overall workmanship is not bad. Of course, the most noteworthy is that the charging interface uses the type-C interface. You know, before the author, Nanfu wireless charger used micro USB interface, which is not very convenient
From the side, Xiaomi 20W vertical wireless charger looks very chic! As for the thickness of the double coil, it's not bad.

The base is a round design, with a circle of anti-skid rubber pad at the bottom, so it's very stable on the desktop. I feel that even a 7-inch mobile phone has no problem.
user's experience:
Because Xiaomi 20W vertical wireless charger does not have a charging head, so the author uses Xiaomi 65W charging head. Because they are all type-C interfaces, it is very convenient to use.
I can see that the iPhone 8 plus is quite similar to its perfect, using very stable, and can quickly view information after pushing the bright screen. At the same time, the LED indicator under the base will also send out green light to inform the user of the real charging. The LED position is designed to make people look bright. It is worth mentioning that the effective induction distance of wireless charging of the vertical wireless charger of 20 W of millet reaches 4mm. Even if the iPhone 8 plus of the author wears a heavy anti falling case, it can still realize wireless charging.
Of course, there are two-wire ring, no matter the phone placed horizontally can be charged. This is very practical for small partners who like to watch video on their mobile phones.
Finally, the charging speed is discussed. Because iPhone 8 plus supports up to 7.5W wireless charging, it can not play the full strength of the small meter 20W vertical wireless charger. The author starts charging at 7:27 p.m., with 24% electricity; when the test stops at 7:48, the power consumption is 46%. That is, in 21 minutes, the iPhone 8 plus charges 22 percent of the power. So to experience the full strength of this wireless charger, only Millet's own meters 9, meters 9 Pro can be. Conclusion:

As a wireless vertical charger, millet is a powerful tool in office in terms of appearance design and workmanship. At the same time, there are double coil, horizontal and vertical placement can be charged, convenient for users to use in different states. Plus crowdfunding price is only 79 yuan, daily price is 99 yuan, cost-effective is very high. I heard that Lei Jun is very fond of this wireless fast. What do you think of my little partner?