Wireless pinhole camera glasses

Wireless real-time transmission is composed of lens, receiver, transmitter, Xingtai

Camera shot by the transmitter into a picture of wireless digital signal transmission to the receiver, and then displayed through the screen Ruihong

Yes, generally speaking, the price of wireless real-time transmission is relatively higher, and the details also depend on the shooting requirements and shooting site electronics

Well, if it needs to be used at night, it must be one with night vision.

This wireless micro camera with night vision can meet the requirements of shooting under low illumination. Generally, this kind of camera can be used

Relatively speaking, the price will be slightly higher. This one has fixed installation and portable, and fixed installation has buckle

Seats, switches, hooks, etc; What I carry with me are watches, glasses, bags and so on

Specific or see you use in what occasion to make a decision( 98+253)

Under the intelligent empowerment of 360 security brain, based on the accumulated threat perception ability of 360 mobile phone guards, the "candid detection" function can effectively identify whether there are common types of suspicious camera devices connected under the current Wi Fi by analyzing the connection characteristics and communication methods of network cameras, and provide effective protection for users' privacy and residential safety.

At the same time, the use of the function is very simple, even the technical white, you can easily get. Turn on the "360 mobile guard" detection, connect the Wi Fi network in the room, and click one button detection to detect suspicious camera devices online under the network, so as to help users stay away from privacy.

As a leading giant in the field of mobile security, 360 mobile guard has always been committed to protecting the pure land of the vast number of network users. This time, with continuous technical breakthroughs and user experience, 360 mobile guard timely launched the "candid detection" to create a privacy leakage artifact for the majority of users at the same time;

In fact, it also fills the gap in the protection of personal privacy in the field of mobile security, which not only speeds up its upgrading process in the field of security protection, but also helps it improve its more complete security strategy.