Wireless charging, electric clamping arm, black technology vehicle bracket, rice noodles: match my Xiaomi 10

I don't know if you've ever had such an experience. When you use mobile navigation while driving, suddenly your mobile phone prompts that the power is low. I'm not sure if there is a corresponding charging line in the car, I dare not look down for the charging line, and I can't stop temporarily on the side of the road. I'm most worried about driving on the wrong road due to the low power of the mobile phone. Due to the constant brightness of the screen and the high load of GPS and other modules, the power consumption of mobile navigation is no different from playing a chicken game. How to solve the problem of convenient charging of mobile phone on the way of driving has become the heart knot of many old drivers. Today, I will share with you a charging solution for mobile phones - automatic version of zMi wireless charging bracket. What's the difference between this new product and conventional car charger? Let's take a look at it with me.

In this conventional packaging style, only "10W Max" can attract my attention. To tell you the truth, this 10W is not fast. Compared with Zimi's maximum power 20W car wireless fast charge, it's still almost meaningless.

As a suit, you can find a complete set of things when you open the packing box, including a car charging bracket, a charging cable, a fixed clip, a car charger and a flat paste base.

As soon as I got the automatic version of zMi wireless charging bracket, I was attracted by the material on the bracket surface. According to the official label of Alcantara, a kind of super fiber material with better softness, wear resistance and feel, it is said to be more expensive than leather and is often used in luxury car interiors. To the naked eye, the surface of the charging panel of the car holder is covered with a layer of flannelette. It feels like suede with your hand. It's really comfortable. But as this kind of material, it is inevitable that dust will be absorbed and cleaned. This feeling is just like the contradiction between mobile phone glass back cover and fingerprint residue.

The inner side of the clamping arm of the bracket is designed with a buffer rubber pad, which can not only ensure the stability of the clamping of the mobile phone, but also avoid the scratch damage during the clamping process of the mobile phone.

The standard charging interface at the bottom of automatic version of zMi wireless charging bracket is micro USB interface. Yes, not the type-C interface. But if you think about it carefully, because of the bumpy driving, the smooth interface on both sides like type-C is extremely easy to fall off. On the contrary, it is not as reliable as the micro USB interface. In addition, the wireless car charging wire does not need to be plugged in and out frequently, so the convenience of blind plug-in of type-C interface is out of the question. I think this is the only electronic product that insists on using Micro-USB interface instead of I make complaints about it.

If your mobile phone doesn't support wireless charging function, the automatic version of zMi wireless charging bracket can also be used for normal charging, and wired charging can be realized through the hollow at the bottom of the bracket.

There are not many cooling holes on the back of the car bracket. After all, the output power is here. With the conventional rotary tightening universal ball clamp, 360 degrees can be adjusted at will to meet the needs of various angles.

Some cars may not be suitable for air conditioning outlet clip, it doesn't matter, Zimi has considered it for you. Through the standard plane pasting base, the automatic version of zMi wireless charging bracket can be pasted and fixed on the center console in the car. One of the two fixing methods is always suitable for you.

About the installation of wireless charging bracket, this is really not difficult. The visual sense of Alcantara material matches the interior decoration very well. With the standard 36W Max dual port on-board charger, it can meet the charging needs of the driver and co driver at the same time.

Some friends may be curious, you always say that zMi wireless charging bracket automatic version, but where is it automatic? The moment you put on the phone, the answer is ready. The original zMi wireless charging bracket supports the automatic expansion of the clamping arm. Whether it's the automatic infrared sensing area on the front of the bracket or the manual touch button on the side, the motor inside the bracket can expand and expand sensitively and automatically. Is it an instant explosion of science and technology?

Because of the fixity of the vehicle bracket, the wireless charging vehicle bracket will not have the phenomenon of wireless charging because of the dislocation of the induction area. At the same time, the automatic version of zMi wireless charging bracket also has intelligent FOD metal foreign body detection, temperature protection, over-voltage protection and other protection mechanisms, so that you don't have to worry about driving in mobile navigation. Do not know such a full sense of technology zMi wireless charging bracket automatic version, worthy of your car?