Wireless charger with high color value brings you more convenient charging experience

Since Apple mobile phone began to adopt Qi wireless charging technology, many mobile phone products have joined Qi wireless charging technology camp. No matter Samsung, HTC, domestic Xiaomi, hammer, Huawei and other brands have launched their own mobile phones supporting wireless charging. Facing the situation that more and more mobile phones support wireless charging, some mobile phone accessories manufacturers seize the opportunity, Have launched their own brand of wireless charger, so that the wireless charger style has a lot of choice. Wireless charger whether it is vertical, horizontal, or car, there are a lot of style matching.

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Many types of wireless chargers have come out, which makes the price of the product change from hundreds of yuan to tens of yuan now. You can choose to buy a high-performance, high-value wireless charging style. For choosing a wireless charging version, you need to pay attention to the power output. I chose a classic wireless charger style of rave brand. Rave brand has a number of wireless chargers, which is a main entry-level cost-effective style. The packaging of the product adopts the design of black carton, with the main parameters and certification information of the product on the back, which has passed the CE and ROHS certification. Built in conventional manual certificate matching. The back of the package contains the main parameters of the product. The input can reach 5v2a and 9v1.8a. It supports the design of 10 watt wireless fast charging. It is mainly suitable for Samsung type wireless charging mobile phones, making the wireless charging technology more practical. The manual of traditional collocation introduces every detail of the product in detail. The power supply circuit design adopts the type-C socket design collocation which has more performance advantages at present. The horizontal wireless charger of rave brand adopts a round design, with high gloss on the surface, and the overall appearance is very delicate and compact. The middle position adopts the anti-skid layer design to increase friction. At the same time, it has the brand text mark. The product has rose gold and black white style, which is extremely exquisite and beautiful. There are four anti-skid pads at the bottom, The middle position has the technical label of rave products, and supports the Qi wireless fast charging technology of 9v1.8a.

The whole side is made of alloy. The rose gold color is bright, anti falling and wear-resistant. The thickness of the side is less than 7mm, and the weight is controlled at about 50g. Compared with the previous generation of products, the weight and thickness are greatly compressed, which makes it easier to carry out. At the same time, the side of the C socket design, the overall thin, very beautiful technology.

It is made of large copper coils with larger area, so that the induction area becomes wider. For mobile phones, it can adapt to thicker mobile phone case and increase charging stability. For the mobile phone that supports wireless charging, it can easily realize the convenient experience of charging without line connection.

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Simply test the wireless charging effect through the wireless charging tester. Here we can see that 5.00723v induced voltage is generated, and the output protocol supports Apple 1.0A protocol adaptation. At the same time, with Qi wireless standard protocol, the mobile phone can realize wireless charging. If it is matched with Samsung mobile phone or apple x mobile phone, the induced voltage and current generated will be more powerful, making wireless charging energy transmission more efficient. The input terminal adopts the C interface with faster efficiency, supports multiple charging modes such as 5v2a and 9v1.8a, and mainly needs to put on the mobile phone to support Qi wireless charging technology. For the current apple mobile phone, the 5v1a wireless charging technology is adopted. For the new Samsung mobile phone, the 9V, 1.66a charging technology is adopted. Rave wireless charging board is equipped with multiple security protection measures and intelligent identification chip. As long as it is equipped with QC charger for power supply, it can correctly adapt to the mobile phone. In use mode, the dark blue breathing light flashes, which is very beautiful. Intelligent identification chip matching, choose a USB charger supporting QC output to match, charging fast and convenient, who will charge with the discharge. At present, apple x mobile phone can achieve 5V 1.5A wireless charging effect, and Samsung's latest mobile phone can achieve 9V, 1.66a actual charging effect, which further increases the charging speed and practicability. If you want to play wireless charging just like me? Want faster wireless charging? Want safe wireless charging? So choose a horizontal wireless charging board of rave brand, for your new Samsung mobile phone or apple mobile phone, it can achieve more convenient and fast wireless charging effect, you might as well try it.