Why is apple data cable so expensive?

"Apple's data line is expensive" has always been a complaint. Why is Apple's data line so expensive? Where are you? Is there any way to choose a reliable and cheap data line?

There are chips in Apple's data line, too


People who have been playing with computers for some years may remember that as early as the age of 30 pin "big flat head", Apple's data line was not so expensive. This happened because the authentication rules and code of Apple's data line were completely leaked by hackers at that time, so the fake data line was flying all over the world. This situation continued until 2012, when Apple launched a new lightning interface with 19 pins and new MFI authentication rules.


The so-called MFI is actually the acronym of "made for Ixxx". A data line with these three letters represents that it has passed the official certification mechanism of apple, and is regarded as an officially recognized third-party data line.

There are at least four chips at the lightning connector of each MFI certified data line. The structures of three chips are relatively simple, but the fourth chip has a great future.

The chip has more than 5000 logic gates, 128 bit memory capacity, drive transistors, lots of capacitors and analog circuits. In other words, this is the foundation of a communication chip.

This chip is responsible for checking with Apple device whether it is an officially certified charging device when charging. Once it is found that there is a problem with the device, Apple device will immediately disconnect the charging and prompt "there is a problem with the charging device". It is this super difficult encryption chip that makes the production of Apple's MFI data line much more difficult than that of ordinary data line.

As for why to add such an encryption chip, Apple's explanation is mainly "ensuring security" and "maintaining user experience"; moreover, with MFI, apple can obtain certain revenue from the data lines produced by third parties, which is also an important part of Apple's annual profit.

How to produce one

Apple Certified fast charging data line?

First of all, brands need to buy MFI chips before they can operate the next one. Apple does sell this chip publicly, but the process is very complicated



Brands should provide apple with a PPID (product plan ID) to let Apple audit your company's qualification. Only after passing the audit will Apple sell MFI chips to apple. Later, the brand can take the goods from a designated Apple agent. The price of each MFI chip terminal is $2.88. After adding a lot of miscellaneous expenses such as postage and customs duties, the price of each terminal is equivalent to at least 20 yuan.


So the base price of a normal MFI certified fast charging data line is 20 yuan, because a chip is at least that price.

Then you need to produce some samples for apple quality inspection. The samples should be sent to the apple certification third-party testing center in London or Dongguan (just opened in the middle of this month) for testing. The testing items are highly confidential in apple. We also consulted some senior people in the industry about some items

  • Impedance

It is said that Apple has very strict requirements on this data, and it must reach 200m Ω below before it can pass the acceptance. According to Joule's law, q = I? R, the lower the resistance, the lower the heat generated during charging, and the more safe charging can be ensured.

  • Intensity

This strength does not refer to the strength of the wire itself. In fact, Apple seems to have few requirements for the strength of the wire. What Apple requires is that if the "charging interface" exceeds 10kg, it must be able to break, because it can ensure the safety of the mobile phone under the action of external force. After all, compared with the mobile phone, the price of the data cable is still cheap.