Why is apple data cable easy to break?

Whether you are a senior or a new fruit powder, you should have experienced this: the newly bought data cable will soon crack, break its head, turn yellow, turn black... In short, it is not durable. Why?


In fact, when Apple first produced the data cable, it used PVC material, and its durability was much better than now. However, PVC materials have serious environmental pollution problems, not only not easy to degrade, but also PVC products usually add stabilizers: phthalate, too much human contact will lead to abortion, diabetes, overweight and obesity and other health problems.


Until 2013, apple found a more environmentally friendly and healthy alternative: TPE material. Compared with PVC, TPE has almost no pollution and is also healthy to people, but it also has disadvantages: no bending, no corrosion resistance, low toughness and very easy to damage. That's why we always think Apple's data cable is easy to break down.

However, it's a bit disruptive to use such a data cable with broken ends and corroded whole body.

It's time for a tough, durable, high-value data cable.


Zunke Jianguo No.2 PD flash charging cable, model SP1, power up to 36W, supports Apple PD fast charging, compatible with the latest Apple system, suitable for iPhone flash charging series models.


Beauty is in the bone, not in the skin. So is the data cable. The shell is the icing on the cake, and the chip is the key. Jianguo No.2 adopts the latest upgrade chip, which makes the data cable compatible with all kinds of models, charging without pop-up window.

How fast can this "reborn" Jianguo 2 charge? By Zunke laboratory test, with PD charger, the fastest 30 minutes can be filled 60%!

It is worth noting that the interface of Jianguo No.2 is type-C to lighting. If you want to buy, you should pay attention to whether the charger at home can be used together!