Why don't you make a USB data cable for mobile phone with type-C interface at both ends?

Why don't you use both ends of the data cable with type-C interface? I believe many people want to know the answer to this question. We all know that the obvious advantage of type-C interface is that it doesn't need to consider the positive and negative sides of the interface. It can be inserted either in the positive direction or in the negative direction, and it's not limited by the direction. Unlike the ordinary USB interface (type-A), if it is inserted reversely, it can not be inserted, and it is easy to damage the interface. So why not have both ends of the data cable have type-C interfaces?

What is the type-C interface?

To know the answer to this question, we need to first understand what type-C is. In fact, type-C is also a type of USB interface. There are three types of USB interface: type-A interface, Type-B interface and type-C interface.

Type-A interface: what we usually call the ordinary USB interface, which can be used to plug in U disk, mobile hard disk and so on. Among the three interface types, the type-A interface has the largest area.

Type-B interface: this kind of interface is relatively rare, generally used in printers and old TV sets. It's rarely seen on other devices. For example, the hp2132 printer I'm using now, the data cable interface is the type-A interface type.

Type-C interface: this kind of interface came out at last, and it has been popular in recent years. Many mobile phones have started to use this kind of interface. In terms of area, the type-C interface is the smallest of the three. The most obvious advantage of the type-C interface is that it can be inserted in both positive and negative directions, while the type-A interface and the type-B interface can't. They all know the direction and can't be inserted in the opposite direction.

Why is the data cable with dual type-C interface not popular?

  1. Compatibility problem: there is no type-C interface on the old device
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The main reason why the data cable with dual type-C interface is not popular is the compatibility problem. As we all know, the current mainstream USB interface is still type-A interface, which is what we usually call USB2.0 or 3.0 interface. For example: old desktop computers, old laptops, old mobile phone chargers, USB flash drives, mobile hard disks and so on. The USB interfaces on these hardware are all type-A interfaces. If both ends of the data cable of the mobile phone are type-C interfaces, then there is no way to connect with these hardware, let alone transmit data. You know, this part of the old hardware has accumulated for more than ten years, the number is very large, the proportion is very high. Therefore, in the future, data cables with dual type-C interface and data cables with single type-C interface will coexist for a long time, maybe 3-4 years or more.

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  1. There are data cables with type-C interface at both ends.

Because of the convenience of the type-C interface, some manufacturers are now starting to introduce data cables with dual type-C interfaces. New computers are also beginning to provide the type-C interface. We can not only use it for data transmission between mobile phones, but also connect mobile phones with new computers, and transmit data through the type-C interface, It can also be charged through the charger of type-C interface.

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