Why did Apple cancel the headset and charger? Latecomers have no choice but to do it

In the early hours of October 14, Apple released its first 5g mobile phone, the iPhone 12 series. There are four models of iPhone 12, including iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro max.
One of the biggest changes of the iPhone 12 series is the restoration of the classic "sandwich" design similar to the iPhone 4 era, which is quite retro.

In terms of performance parameters, the iPhone 12 series supports 5g, which is also the key part of Apple's presentation. The iPhone 12 series supports millimeter wave network. In Verizon's network, it can download data at a maximum speed of 4gbps, and it can bring a maximum upload speed of 200Mbps. This also proves that the previous rumor that the iPhone will have a 4G version is misinformation.
IPhone 12 adopts A14 bionic processor and six core design with 5nm process technology. Compared with A13, the performance is improved by 13% and the power consumption is reduced by 30%.
In terms of price, iPhone 12 starts at 6299 yuan, iPhone 12 Mini starts at 5499 yuan, iPhone 12 Pro starts at 8499 yuan, iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at 9299 yuan,
No more headphones and chargers
The latecomer's last resort in 5g Era

Consistent with previous rumors, Apple announced at the press conference that it would cancel the accompanying mobile phone charger and headset.

Apple said that there are 700 million lighting headphones and 2 billion power adapters around the world, which means that most people already have both. By implication, the impact of cancelling the included headphones and chargers is limited.

On the other hand, the reason Apple gives is that it is very environmentally friendly.

Previously, Apple has announced that the company will achieve "carbon neutral" as the goal, then do not come with chargers and headphones will reduce e-waste, good for environmental protection.

But the outside world also has different views on Apple's move. Although it is good for the environment to cancel the attached headphones and chargers objectively, apple is not selfless as "doing public welfare".

For apple, the elimination of headphones and chargers may mean more to lower transportation costs through less raw materials and smaller size packaging, so as to earn more profits.

But more importantly, apple is eager to gain a foothold in the 5g era and get 5g products that can compete with its competitors. This may also be the reason why the iPhone launched four 5g phones for different consumer groups at one time.

At present, only China's 5g mobile phone market has fierce competition. According to the data of China Academy of information technology, in September this year, the domestic market 5g mobile phone shipment reached 13.99 million steps, accounting for 60% of the mobile phone shipment in the same period. From January to September this year, domestic 5g mobile phones shipped 108 million units, and 167 new models were launched, accounting for 47.7% and 46.5% respectively.

In this case, "5g market latecomer" how Apple can open up the situation has become a problem that must be considered. You know, in the past few years, iPhone sales have been in a period of decline. Moreover, the annual "price rise of new phones" also makes it difficult for the iPhone to be labeled as "cost-effective".

Then, to enter the 5g mobile phone market, we have to consider the issue of "cost performance". Therefore, this year's iPhone 12 pricing is basically the same as last year's iPhone 11 series, which has an important relationship with the cancellation of the included headphones and chargers.

But can users accept it?

In fact, Apple has always had the tradition of "being the first to eat crabs". Far from that, the cancellation of the 3.5mm headphone connector is an example. At that time, many users said it was unacceptable, but now it seems that the lack of headphone interface has become a common thing in the mobile phone industry.

But the cancellation of headphones and chargers is essentially different from the cancellation of headphone interface.

When the headphone interface was canceled, at least Apple also provided headphones with lighting plug, which made it impossible to listen to music while charging, but it also provided an effective alternative.

But it's another case that users buy a new machine without headphones and chargers.

Although Apple explained that there are 700 million headphones and 2 billion charging adapters, the data is too general to prove that every individual user has enough headphones and chargers.

That is to say, for those who don't have enough headphones and chargers, you are averaged.

What is the impact?

We have to analyze the impact of new and old chargers on users from two aspects.

For iPhone stock users, buying a new iPhone 12 without headphones and chargers will cause some inconvenience.

It's OK that there are no earphones. Users can listen to music and answer the phone with the earphones provided with the old mobile phone. However, if there is no charger, users can only use the charger of the old mobile phone to charge the iPhone without considering purchasing it separately.

If the old mobile phone is no longer used after the user purchases a new one, then this problem is not difficult to solve, it is nothing more than charging with the old charger. However, if users need to use both old and new mobile phones, and there is only one charger, they can only stagger the charging time, or purchase a charging plug separately, and charge the mobile phone by linking to a computer.

Of course, if you are a heavy user of apple, have a variety of Apple devices including the iPhone, and have at least two chargers, then the trouble caused by the iPhone 12 without headphones and chargers is not so serious.

For new users who have never used the iPhone or other apple devices, the iPhone 12 does not come with headphones and chargers, which will increase the cost.

For example, after a new user purchases any iPhone 12, he is forced to face the following choices:

Charging: do you want to buy an extra charger? Or use the attached data cable to connect with the computer and other devices to charge?

Earphone: if you don't have Bluetooth earphone and wired earphone (you have to support lighting interface), do you need to purchase new earphone?

So how much does it cost to buy a new headset and a new charger?

Taking Apple's official products as an example, we can see that the price of Apple's air pods series and air pods Pro Bluetooth headset ranges from more than 1200 yuan to 1999 yuan, while the price of Apple's earpods wired headset ranges from 149 yuan; as for chargers, the price of Apple's official chargers ranges from more than 140 yuan to more than 300 yuan.

For new Apple users, if the first Apple phone in their life is the iPhone 12, they will have to pay at least hundreds to thousands of yuan for chargers and headphones in addition to the price of the iPhone 12.

For Apple's existing users, according to the actual use situation, the impact of Canceling Headphones and chargers is also different, but the overall impact is not as big as that of new users.

Or enhance the safety risks caused by poor quality chargers

Apple's cancellation of the included headphones and chargers will not only add inconvenience to users, but also increase the risk of users buying inferior chargers and headphones.

Since the popularity of smart phones, the extreme situation of mobile phone "spontaneous combustion" often occurs. In addition to the quality problems of some mobile phones, the use of fake chargers has become an important factor leading to the fire of mobile phones.

Then, when the iPhone is forced to cancel the charger and the user is forced to purchase additional chargers, if they are greedy for cheap or used by bad businesses and use unqualified charger products, it may lead to increased security risks in using the mobile phone.

Although the performance of the charger earphone presented by the government may not be the best product in the market, it at least provides the basic safety guarantee for users, and reduces the risk of safety accidents caused by inferior products to a certain extent.

To sum up, users who want to buy iPhones should choose iPhones at different prices When purchasing 12 mobile phones, on the one hand, you should consider whether you need to purchase additional chargers and headphones, and include this part of the cost into the purchase budget; on the other hand, when purchasing chargers, whether you buy Apple official products or third-party products, you must choose chargers, headphones and other accessories with guaranteed brand and official certification, so as to avoid unnecessary security risks He is suffering from the disease.