Who is the representative of smart glasses with moving mirror

Bangbangtang speak for glasses, the fans of glasses family super support! At the end of last year, the spectacle frames sold out after the Chinese New Year. In just 60 days, the spectacles sold out in Taiwan Province! The fans who couldn't buy it left a message on the record company's official website protesting: "they can't buy the endorsement style in the lollipop advertisement in the stores in the North District". This made the manufacturers happy. For the first time, Baodao glasses invited again a lot of money and broke the previous record. In the same year, they put more money and shot more advertisements again! The amount of the contract also jumped to seven figures in less than half a year!

The spokesperson of Mosen glasses is: Ying caier's English name Cherrie Ying nickname a Ding, Ding Wen date of birth or birthday 1983-06-20 place of birth Hong Kong, China (Hong Kong) blood group a height 175 cm (said 170 cm) weight 50kg interest in singing, dancing, Internet constellation Gemini professional actor Graduate College

Smart glasses, also known as smart glasses, refers to "like smart phones, with independent operating system, smart glasses can be installed by the user software, games and other software service providers to provide the program.". Smart glasses can add schedule, map navigation, interact with friends, take photos and videos, and make video calls with friends through voice or action control.

The design of Helen Keller Sunglasses skillfully integrates the avant-garde concepts of Europe and America with the classical aesthetic ideas of the east to create a more fashionable style that fits the Oriental people and perfectly presents the charming charm of the East. Products not only focus on superior material selection and fine workmanship, but also promote the transmission of brand characteristics and cultural connotation. It is the eternal style of Helen Keller to present elegance, dignity and wisdom in excellent quality.

Traditional glasses are "eye to adapt to the glasses, the degree increases year by year.". In order to overcome this drawback, functional intelligent glasses can automatically adjust the function with the change of environment, instantly change the visual feeling, protect the health of human eyes, and achieve the effect of "glasses can automatically adjust the function to actively adapt to the eyes, while improving vision".

Functional glasses can not be used as an effective method to treat myopia

Functional glasses can only play a corrective role, and the treatment of myopia is still a worldwide problem, now the general way is through medical surgery.