Which wireless charger to choose for iPhone

The flagship mobile phone is far away from our ordinary users, but what is far away from us may be the wireless charging that only the flagship mobile phone will be equipped with. However, apple phones released in recent years all support wireless charging, which makes wireless charging a standard feature of Apple phones. Recently, I have been seeing some fans ask which wireless charger is better for iPhone 11. Today, I specially organized the evaluation and sharing of several iPhone 11 wireless chargers!

1. Nank South card wireless power bank pow2
Comprehensive score: 98 points
Product features: with invisible viewing bracket
Nank South card wireless power bank is the most popular power bank brand recently. Its price is moderate, but it strictly controls the quality. It should do a good job in every invisible detail, and win the trust of users with quality and experience! Starting from the selection of materials, we visited hundreds of suppliers and selected military grade materials. Moreover, there are more than 50 high-strength quality inspection processes, which are twice as many as ordinary power bank inspection processes. The quality and workmanship of power bank can be regarded as a model.

In order to balance the three aspects of capacity, compactness, fashion and beauty of power bank, Nank South card wireless power bank has changed the image of traditional power bank, which is thick, heavy, big and ugly. In the same capacity, it will reduce the volume and weight by half, so as to achieve real delicacy and lightness. Nank South card wireless power bank has a huge capacity of 10000 Ma, and supports 18W strong output. In addition, Nank South card wireless power bank also supports 10W wireless fast charging, and is also compatible with 7.5w/5w output. If you use iPhone 11 as the test object, you can charge half in an hour using wireless charging. The cost performance is absolutely not to say. The configuration surpasses most brands of power bank on the market.

And the use of polymer core and copper coil, so that the power is more concentrated, so that charging efficiency is higher. The original 45 ° double bracket design is more in line with the user's needs. Usually, the mobile phone can be placed on the power bank. The front and rear double brackets of the power bank are opened, one side is used to fix the mobile phone, and the other side is used to fix the power bank. It can be charged and watched at the same time, which is a very humanized design.

2. Bull wireless charger gnv-wa110u
Comprehensive score: 95 points
Product features: strong heat dissipation
The front of bull wireless charger is made of special rubber material, which can prevent the mobile phone from sliding due to vibration and ringing during charging. Bull wireless charger supports both apple and Samsung wireless charging. Whether you are Apple user, Samsung user or apple Android user, this wireless charger is very suitable for you.

3. Xiaomi wireless charger
Comprehensive score: 93
Product features: small and light
The color of Xiaomi wireless charger is black, and the skin like coating is used on the front panel, which makes it feel comfortable. Aluminum alloy + silica gel material, feel and texture are good, aluminum alloy can strengthen heat dissipation, silica gel can play a role in anti-skid. It can support apple 7.5W and Samsung 10W wireless charging and free position charging.

4. Samsung wireless charger
Comprehensive score: 88 points
Product features: support fast charging
amsung wireless charger with black frosted paint, full of texture. At the same time, the charger adopts aluminum body, because the principle of wireless charging is to use the magnetic field generated between coils for power transmission, which will generate certain heat in the transmission process, so the aluminum body can better and quickly dissipate heat. Charging is compatible with wireless charging of Android and apple mobile phones, and the charging performance is very good.