Which is better to buy the data cable of iPhone 12, such as Anke, lvlian or Zimi?

IPhone 12 supports Apple's pd20w fast charging, so it's more cost-effective to choose a data line that supports fast charging. At present, the data cable interface supporting Apple's fast charging is usb-c to lightning

iPhone 12 charger port

When choosing a data line, you should also consider whether it has been certified by MFI. Apple MFI certified data line, port has a chip, used to match Apple's device, when charging can stabilize the current and voltage, but also can not pop up a window.

I have made a table to see the differences among the data lines of Anke, lvlian and Zimi: Generally speaking, they are similar. I will analyze them in detail.

iPhone 12 charger port

1. Anke data line

What I am using is the data cable of Anke. The data cable is soft and the interface is firm to prevent fracture. The bending test can reach 12000 times without bursting. Under normal circumstances, 0.9 meters is enough, and it also supports Apple's 12 fast charging. Acer is also Apple's partner. If you can accept the price, you can get on the data line directly.

2. Greenlink data line

Thick galvanized copper core is selected to prevent hot charging and multi-layer protection is added to prevent charging loss.

3. Purple rice data line
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For Zimi, it is also one of Xiaomi's ecological chain factories. The price is very affordable, which is suitable for people with limited budget.

For me, there is little difference among the three data lines. If you pay attention to quality, you can choose Anke data line, and if you pay attention to price, you can choose purple rice data line.