Which is a good Apple Certified data cable?

Apple certification is officially known as MFI, short for "made for iPhone / iPad / iPod.".

This is a test plan and official authorization standard developed by apple for peripheral parts manufacturers of iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. Only external devices that have passed Apple's official test and passed the authorization certification can be printed with MFI official certification label on the packaging.



MFI has strict audit standards (including submitting membership application, product plan audit and product test audit, with a pass rate of only 2% ~ 3%). Even if a third-party manufacturer submits MFI application to apple, it may be rejected by Apple due to the company's qualification problems.

But MFI certification can be divided into two kinds, one is technology development certificate, the other is manufacturing certificate. Manufacturers with these two certificates develop or produce related certification products by themselves.

At present, there are generally two kinds of chips for lighting data cable, E75 and C48. Apple's original line uses E75, while C48 is mostly a OEM or individual MFI chip scheme. Of course, no matter E75 or C48, the equipment system can still be used normally after upgrading.



The most important thing is that MFI certified wire causes problems in the machine. Apple provides maintenance, but Shanzhai wire doesn't care.

After upgrading the terminal system, the data cable without MFI certification may cause the device to be unrecognized and some charging functions may not be supported. And MFI certified data cable has better protection for the device, Shanzhai line will really cause mobile phone charging failure.

In the recognizer, you can see the production date and manufacturer of the original apple line.

Countless fake lighting data cables in the market have cracked this chip and cheated Apple devices to realize data transmission.

There is no manufacturer and date for fake products.

Domestic MFI certified manufacturers: Zimi, lvlian, OPSO, momis, biaz, lvjuneng, Jianshan, naierjin, evoco, Scud, fantasy i-mu, jilotang, kaipshi, noshi, Yise and Meishi.


Can be used, and can be found on the Apple website.