Which data cable charges the fastest? Which one is the most durable? The authoritative test results are coming

How can we lack a data cable

However, the data cables on the market are mixed

Poor contact, broken skin, fire and burn out occur from time to time

How should we choose?

In this comparative test, five quality leading data cables that meet the RoHS directives of China and the European Union, EIA Association standards and UL standards of the United States are selected. They are Huawei Huawei 5A data cable, first satellite surfer zinc alloy data cable S2, moms brilliant data cable (lightning 8pin-1m red), first satellite surfer zinc alloy data cable S2 Ancient elbow woven data cable and Netease strict selection of Netease smart make fast fill data cable - white (1.2m). test result

Hazardous substance test:


The test results of harmful substances of 20 data cables meet the requirements

The test results show that the 20 data cables perform well, and the test values of harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers and four phthalates are lower than the limit requirements of China RoHS and EU ROHS.

MFI certification check:

Apple line MFI certification check only 2 failed

Among the 20 products in this comparative test, 8 of them are the data cable of lightning connector. Among them, Apple's original line does not require MFI certification mark, but Apple's non original line requires MFI certification, and the following certification mark is reflected on the outer packaging: after the non MFI certification accessories are connected, the warning may pop up, and even directly switch to flight mode, which affects the normal use of Apple products. By checking the product packaging and instructions, and searching in the MFI certification product database on Apple's official website, we found that there was no MFI certification mark on the data cable packaging of Pinsheng and gushanggu, and it was not reflected in the database. However, in the function check, when Pinsheng and gushanggu data cables are connected to Apple mobile phone for charging, there is no such phenomenon as pop-up window.

Function and structure:

The 20 samples are quite different, and one has no transmission function

In terms of data cable function, 19 data cables are in normal use. Caffeil claims that its products are data cables, but in fact it has no data transmission function, only charging function. However, its product sales packaging and e-commerce sales platform are displayed as data cables. In terms of the internal structure of data cables, 20 data cables are quite different. The test results show that the cross-sectional area of the data cables of tulas, Huawei and oppo are among the top three.


In terms of other structures, apple, Huawei, oppo, lvlian, Netease yanxuan, Amazon Beisi and momis have perfect protection structures.


In general, Huawei and oppo data cables are outstanding in terms of cross-sectional area of internal charging line, protection structure and shielding layer, and stand out from 20 products.


Transmission rate:


The transmission rate of lightning data cable is generally lower than that of type C line


At present, the smart phone charging interfaces on the market are mainly micro USB, lightning and type C. Among them, there will be chips in the charging ports of lightning and type C data cables.

  1. In type C, the transmission speed of USB 3.0 interface is faster than that of USB 2.0 interface. Among them, the USB interface of Samsung and Anke is version 3.0, so the transmission speed is the fastest.
  1. The transmission rate of lightning line is lower than that of type C line, but the difference between brands is small.


Charging rate:

The longer the charging time of type C data cable is, the greater the difference is, while the difference of lightning data cable is smaller

The results show that there is a 12 minute difference in the time required for the 12 type C data cables to be fully charged, and the Huawei data cable takes the shortest time, only 186 minutes. The time difference between the 8 lightning data cables for full charge is only 5 minutes, and the shortest time for green link is 186 minutes.

It is worth mentioning that the charging speed in actual use is related to whether the charger and mobile phone have fast charging function, and the charging speed will be greatly improved with the charger with fast charging function.

Unit impedance:

The first guard and momis are lower, while the green link and apple are higher

Plug in durability test:

All 20 data cables can meet the requirements

After 10000 cycles, the connectors of 20 products can be plugged in and out normally, and the appearance has no obvious change. The durability of charging connector is good.

Mechanical bending test:

All 20 data cables have passed the test limit requirements

It is worth mentioning that the test conditions are more stringent than the international standards. The first satellite data cable has the most bending times, reaching 9700 times, followed by Huawei (8900 times) and apple (6500 times). Samsung and Newman had the least bending times, both of which were 300 times. It should be noted that the bending resistance is related to the joint structure, but not directly related to whether the outer material is braided wire.


Load test:


iPhone Charger Cable

All 20 data cables meet the standard requirements of load test


For the standard requirement of 40n tensile force and normal function after test, the 20 products can be easily achieved.


And apple, Pinsheng, Samsung and other seven data cables bear the maximum tension of 150n-197n, which is equivalent to bearing 15-20kg of weight.


Consumption tips


Pay attention to the information on the outer package of the data cable


When purchasing data cable, consumers should pay attention to the information marked on the outer package of the product, such as: length, type of input and output interface, rated current, applicable model, etc., and choose according to the function. For example, apple terminal should try to choose data cable products with MFI logo; If you want to realize the fast charging function, you should pay attention to the model that the data cable claims to be suitable for, or choose the corresponding original cable.


USB 3.0 version of the data cable transfer faster


It is found that the transmission speed of USB 3.0 is 3.5 times higher than that of USB 2.0. Therefore, if you want to transmit fast, you should choose USB 3.0 or above. However, the premise is that the connected device should also be compatible with USB3.0 interface. Due to the power problem, the data transmission speed of lightning interface is lower than that of type C interface.


Braided wire ≠ bending resistance


iPhone 12 charger cable

It can be seen from the mechanical bending data that the bending performance is not necessarily related to whether the outer material of the data cable is braided. When using the data cable, consumers should avoid frequent bending of the data cable; When bending is needed, the bending angle should be reduced as far as possible to avoid the situation of double bending, so as to reduce the risk that the data cable cannot be used due to the internal structure damage caused by excessive bending.