Which brand of iPhone 12 charger is good? Apple third party affordable charger recommendation

The iPhone 12 no longer comes with a charging head, so if you plan to buy a new one the first time, you have to plan ahead. Here are some affordable third-party chargers with good reputation and performance. If you buy them early, you can wait for the arrival of the iPhone 12.

Official original charger
First of all, no matter from which point of view, the official original charger should be the first recommendation, so don't complain about the high price. There are a lot of "accessories only recognize the original" fruit powder, and the view itself is undoubtedly correct. If you are a fruit powder party that is not sensitive to the price, then close your eyes and enter.

Of course, cost-effective products are naturally the focus of this article, but some products with poor brand image can not be recommended by individuals, so the products included in this article are well received products. The so-called "the lower the price, the higher the risk", charging accessories purchase need to consider the consequences, if the mobile phone damage, it can not be worth the loss.

Here to recommend several affordable and easy to use Apple third-party 20W charger!

1. South card 20W charger C1

As a manufacturer engaged in charging equipment for many years, South card's product positioning in China has been firmly in the first place among the third-party parts manufacturers. This 20W charger of South card uses the power integration chip (the official same chip of Apple) and poweriq3.0 technology; it is small in shape, with good frosting feel and exquisite workmanship. Its plug also adopts a folding storage design, which is convenient to carry.

2. Anke 20W charger

The size of Anker nano 20W small color charger is very small, and its pin is only 28mm × 28mm × 46mm, which is as big as the original 5W charger of iPhone, but its power is four times that of it. In addition to its small size, the charger is also exquisitely made, with a slight arc on the surface. Its interface is the most popular type-c. judging from the logo beside, the charger supports Anker's unique technology power IQ 3.0. In terms of parameters, it can output 5V / 3A or 9V / 2.22a, and the maximum power is up to 20W.

3. Hangjia 20W charger

Hangjia 20W charger is mainly white, and the shell material is PC. The shell design is square and the transition is smooth. In the input and output end using the frosting treatment, side four sides are bright surface treatment, the overall feel good. In the same volume as Apple's original 5W charging head, it has a 20W PD fast charging experience. It supports qc2.0/3.0, pe2.0, pd3.0 and PPS fast charging protocols. It also has 5.0v3.0a or 9.0v2.22a or 12.0v1.67a voltage range, and has over-voltage, over-current, over temperature and short circuit protection.

4. A 20W charger for the diamond

The material of the charger is made of frosted and bright surface, and the exterior is made of flame retardant plastic. The charging interface on the back is usb-c, which can start the highest fast charging specification 20W of iPhone. It not only supports the 20W fast charging specifications of iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro max, but also can charge from 0% to 60% in 30 minutes.

5. Flash magic 20W charger

Flash magic this 20W charger uses PC flame retardant material white shell, waist piano paint treatment, smooth transition between the sides, the front center of the body with smart device brand, simple design. Compared with the size of Apple 20W charger, the flash magic charger is wider and flatter. The usb-c port supports apple 2.4a, QC, AFC, FCP, SCP, pe2.0 and pd3.0 protocols. It also has three groups of fixed voltage gears: 5v3a, 9v2.22a and 12v1.67a, which can meet the charging needs of major brands of mobile phones, including iPhone.