Which brand of Apple iPhone data cable is better? Purchase strategy of the third party data cable brand certified by MFI in 2020

1 Some indexes of data cable selection

  1. Data cable type

There are two kinds of data cable for iPhone, lightning to USB and usb-c to lightning. I strongly recommend that qualified friends choose usb-c to lightning (with PD charger). Lightning to USB and the matching charger are out of date!



The PD charging package is Apple's future. Don't worry about it. It can be used on the new models, and will not be out of date in a few years. The cable I bought this year is C to L, and the charger only supports PD.

Let's first learn what usb-c to lightning is. Feel free to charge Amway

Apple models after iPhone 8 support PD fast charging protocol, which can provide 18W or more charging power for iPhone. But only the iPhone 11 Pro comes standard with a PD fast charging package.

But for other models, you can buy your own PD fast charging set to realize 18W fast charging.

The PD fast charging package includes a PD charger and a usb-c to lightning data cable.

Out of the question: if you are interested in Apple's quick charge, and how to choose the PD quick charge package, you can see this article

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Reasons for recommending usb-c to lightning (with PD charger)

  1. Support fast charging, buy C to l data cable, with a few tens of PD charger, can achieve fast charging.
  1. The wire is thicker and stronger. C to l data cable will be much thicker than ordinary lightning, more durable
  1. The price has been very affordable. In 18-19 years, the imitated C to l data cable required 50 +. At present, the price of C to l data cable is almost the same as that of ordinary lightning, and the price of Beijing made C to l data cable is even the same as that of ordinary lightning
  1. Compatible with non fast charging model. If you are not the fast charging model after the iPhone 8, this PD package can also reach more than 10W charging power
  1. It won't be out of date in the short term. Apple won't replace the lightning interface in 2020, so you can use it for at least another two years. Even if the L port is changed, the PD charger can still be used. Ordinary chargers and apple lightning are doomed to be out of date.
  1. About MFI certification

MFI certification is an accessory officially approved by apple, which is also the reason why Apple's data cable is expensive. (the cook is really a top one unscrupulous businessman)

It can be used without certification, but it is easy to pop up due to the slightly wrong insertion posture (no GHS), which greatly affects the user experience. More importantly, the quality of wire can not be guaranteed.

So it is recommended to use authentication line, thousands of mobile phones, dozens of data cables to buy it. The normal one can be used for several years.

When you buy, you should pay attention to Pinsheng and Beisi. The introduction says that you have official certification. But according to the urine of Chinese businessmen, if you have MFI certification, you will definitely write MFI three words. It's not so ambiguous.

  1. Material and color

Common materials are TPE, braided wire

The braid is thick and bulky, but it has better durability and higher price at the bend of the joint.

TPE is lighter and more malleable, but there is no braid at the bend, which is durable and easy to burst.

I suggest that the common one should be bent and woven. The rest can choose TPE. The price is lower and it's not easy to break.


There are mainly light color and dark color.

I recommend dark colored wire, light colored wire, many of which are easy to change color, especially the one often contacted.

Light colored braids are particularly susceptible to discoloration

  1. Length selection

The most commonly used thread, the one you need to use at will,

It is strongly recommended to choose 1.5m or 2m, and 1m is not the same world at all, and the price difference is not too much

It is strongly recommended to choose 1.5m or 2m, and 1m is not the same world at all, and the price difference is not too much

It is strongly recommended to choose 1.5m or 2m, and 1m is not the same world at all, and the price difference is not too much

Think about it. If you're playing with your cell phone or tablet in bed, you're running out of electricity. If it's 2m, you can still play in bed. But I have to get up and go near the charger.

Or at least one should be 2m, and the rest can be 1m. Personally, I have one 2m by the bed and one 1m by the workbench, and several 1m by the rest.

  1. Price

Approximate price range

Lightning to USB price range: 40-50 for 1m, 45-55 for 1.5, 50-60 for 2m

Price range of usb-c to lightning: 40-60 for 1m, 50-80 for 2m

This is the price range, in this range, a few more expensive, a few cheaper are reasonable. If a special material or design is used, it will cost another 10-20 yuan each.

There are MFI certified data cables, at least more than 35. Don't buy too cheap!

2 Recommendation of two kinds of data cables

1Lightning to USB

Lightning to USB recommends three brands: jingzao, lvlian and Anker. They are all used brands with acceptable quality. The price of 1m TPE material line is from 39.

In the line above 1.5m

  1. The most cost-effective TPE material is made in Beijing, 45 yuan 1.8m
  1. The cheapest weaving materials are 49 yuan for 1.5m and 56 yuan for 2m
  1. Usb-c to lightning (with PD charger)

C to l data cable recommends three models of jingzao, Zimi (Xiaomi) and Anker. The price of 1m is between 39-59

Jingzao is undoubtedly the king of cost performance among them. I also bought this one myself. The wire is thicker and there is no problem in current use. The daily price of this model is 49, but it has been selling for 39 recently. You can start with it if you need.

Zimi and Anker, although the 1m line is not as cheap as Beijing made, the price is reasonable. Moreover, these two brands have been built for a longer time than jingzao, and their fans' reputation is also OK. I have bought them myself, and the quality is OK. I like the recommendation of these two brands.

At present, only Anker is working on the C to l data cable above 1.5m, and the price is reasonable, 79 yuan. If you like the long one, you can recommend Anker 1.8m

  1. C to l data cable needs to be equipped with PD charger. Don't just buy the cable instead of the charging head at that time, blame me later. Want to understand the specific fast charge, and how to choose PD charger, you can see this article

Full solution of Apple iPhone fast charging in 2020 zhuanlan.zhihu.com

3 Personal data cable experience

You have used official, miscellaneous, Xiaomi, Beisi, lvlian, Jingdong jingzao and Anker. You are welcome to crack down on counterfeit goods

Officially, they're all free from the machine. They've used 4-5 pieces, and none of them is unbreakable and unbreakable. This is outrageous... However, we can't say that the quality is poor. After all, the skin is cracked and the bone is visible. It's still normal to use

Miscellaneous brand, Beisi each 1, no MFI certification, it's easy to pop up, the experience is very poor. The shell is intact, but the experience is too bad, just opposite to the official data cable, and it is not recommended

Xiaomi's, bought two ordinary version, no problem, but Xiaomi's data cable is only white, and only 1m, used as auxiliary line.

Green link, bought five, 1M, 1.5m, 2m ordinary version of each one, three in one, MAC line, no problem, easy to use. Especially 2M and three in one. Three in one is very convenient in the office and can charge other mobile phones of colleagues.

Jingdong jingzao, Anker's, C to L's PD fast charging line, started this year, and has been used for several months. The wire is thicker and harder than the ordinary version, so there is no problem at present.

After that, I won't buy lightning to USB data cable any more. I will switch to C to L, until Apple switches to C port.

4 It's over