What's the difference between Bank of China, Hong Kong Version, US version and Japanese version of iPhone? The answer is too simple!

As the most famous mobile phone brand, iPhone is very popular all over the world. There are many versions for different countries and regions, such as Bank of China, Hong Kong Version, American version, European version, Japanese version, Korean version and so on. So what's the difference between the Bank of China, the Hong Kong Version, the US version and the Japanese version of the iPhone? When we sell second-hand iPhones, some fans often ask this question. Today, the editor of sesame technology will give you a detailed introduction. The answer is actually very simple.

First of all, we need to understand that different versions of Apple's mobile phones are not named after different functions, but by different countries and regions where they are sold. Therefore, there is no difference in hardware configuration, and there is no need to worry about shoddy work.

In short, no matter which version of the iPhone, the performance / photo taking / battery life and other experiences are the same. They are all manufactured by Foxconn, and the quality of workmanship is the same. Therefore, the performance and quality of the iPhone are the same no matter which version is national bank, Hong Kong Version, American version, Korean version, Japanese version or others.

The differences between different versions of iPhone are mainly reflected in the price, network system, after-sales warranty and other details. Let's introduce them respectively.

1. Price difference

Due to the different tax rates and places of origin in different countries and regions, the prices of different versions of iPhones are often quite different. As a local company in the United States, the price of the U.S. version is often the lowest, followed by the Hong Kong version which has the advantages of exchange rate and tax rate. The mainland version (Bank of China) is relatively expensive. The following is a comparison of the initial prices of the U.S., Hong Kong, Japan and Bank of China iPhone 8 / X.

2. Network differences

Different countries and regions have different network formats, so different versions of iPhone also have different network formats. Taking iPhone x as an example, the differences between different versions of network system are as follows.

3. After sales difference

The iPhone warranty of Bank of China is the most convenient. It supports the national joint warranty. Basically, you only need to take the Apple phone to the after-sales service point to enjoy the inspection and warranty service.

The Bank of Hong Kong iPhone also supports warranty in mainland China, but there are certain conditions. After applying for after-sales warranty on the domestic Apple official website, the Hong Kong version of iPhone must provide relevant certificates and purchase certificates of formal channels to the genius of Apple store on the day of repair to enjoy the official warranty service. Otherwise, the domestic after-sales channels have the right to refuse the warranty.

If the Hong Kong version of iPhone is purchased through online shopping, there is no invoice in most cases. In theory, the Hong Kong version of iPhone without invoice can also enjoy the national joint insurance in mainland China. However, although Apple does not require the Hong Kong version of iPhone to provide invoice for maintenance, some apple retail stores or after-sales service points still need to provide Hong Kong version of invoice to provide after-sales warranty service. Whether the service point will ask for the bill warranty or not is entirely up to the staff of the service point. Therefore, if some service points ask for a small bill, you might as well try two more stores, which can generally solve the warranty problem.

Due to the special situation of domestic warranty for Non Bank of China and non Hong Kong Models (such as US version, Japanese version, etc.), authorized repair sites generally will not accept the repair request of overseas iPhone. Take the U.S. iPhone as an example, it is almost impossible to enjoy the joint insurance service in China. If the phone is damaged, it can only be repaired out of its own pocket. Of course, the U.S. iPhone can enjoy the warranty service in the United States. If you buy the U.S. iPhone and often go to the United States, the by-pass warranty is also OK, but most domestic users will not go to the United States even if they buy the U.S. iPhone, which is equivalent to no warranty in China.

However, if you buy second-hand iPhones, you don't have to consider the after-sales problems of BOC, HKB or US version, because second-hand iPhones basically pass the warranty period and are generally guaranteed by stores. For example, the second-hand iPhones sold by sesame technology are all provided by our technology. In short, when you buy a second-hand iPhone, you almost don't need to consider the after-sales warranty. The most important thing is to find a reliable seller to guarantee the after-sales service.