What's the difference between 50 yuan and 150 yuan car charger?

A small car lighter hub seems to be simple. It's cheap in the tens or twenties and expensive in the hundreds. It has many brands and different models. It's hard for old drivers to choose a product that really suits them. If you choose the wrong one, it will cause problems such as: low charging performance, long charging time, unable to adapt to the mobile phone, and even cause security risks. This time, I selected the very mainstream brands and its popular products on the market. Through detailed evaluation of these four products, I can help you choose to buy, including Bosch ps500, Xianke ay-t08, oshur y34q and Newman C80. Test results of four popular car chargers .

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Static single / dual charging test

In this round of test, Xiaomi 6x is used as the test mobile phone, which has the quick charging function of qc3.0, and can achieve the maximum charging power of 18 watts when the battery charge is appropriate and the mobile phone temperature is appropriate. The power supply for this round of test is Michelin 100 watt vehicle emergency power supply, which provides 12v100w cigarette lighter output interface, which can maximize the charging performance of mobile phone. The power tester is power-z FL001 super, which can display charging power, voltage, current, fast charging protocol and other parameters in real time.

Test method: through the charging timing test of four types of hub, when the power of mobile phone is less than 50%, record the time required for each 10% power charge, and cool the mobile phone in "fast charging" condition through ice bag, so as to control the temperature of mobile phone at the maximum power charging temperature as far as possible. The measurement figure in the picture is taken at maximum power.

Bosch ps700 has a QC interface and a 2.4a USB interface. When charging Xiaomi 6x alone, it can quickly identify the qc3.0 charging protocol. At the beginning, the charging power will quickly rise to more than 19 watts, but it will soon stabilize at about 18W, with little fluctuation and stable power. When two mobile phones are charged at the same time, the charging power of the iPhone x can be stabilized at about 10 watts.

Schenker t08 has a QC fast charging USB interface, which can quickly identify the qc3.0 fast charging protocol, and can quickly increase the charging power to 18 watts, even up to 19.2 Watts at the peak, but the power will fluctuate between 17 watts and 19 watts. When charging with the iPhone x at the same time, the iPhone can obtain a stable charging power of about 9 watts

When using Feilong super test, the QC interface of ozio y34q can quickly reach 18 watts of charging power, and the peak value can reach 19.2 watts.

Since both USB interfaces of Newman C80 do not support qc3.0 fast charging protocol, the maximum charging power of Xiaomi 6x is only 9.5 watts. When charging with the iPhone x at the same time, the iPhone x can get a maximum charging power of 9 watts.

3. Static full load timing charging test

Dual charging is not enough? Let's add another Microsoft Surface laptop.

Among the two USB interfaces, the QC interface is connected to the Xiaomi 6x, the ordinary USB fast charging interface is connected to the iPhone x, and one of the 12V power supply is connected to a 220V inverter, and connected to a surface computer for charging. When the charging capacity of the mobile phone is less than 50%, the time consumed by every 10% increase in power of the iPhone x is recorded. The conclusion is at the end of the paper.

4. Dynamic charging speed test

Next, let's take a look at the charging of the car during normal driving.

Through the actual use of the scene test in the car. USB quick charging QC interface is connected with Xiaomi 6x for charging, another interface is connected with iPhone x, and music software is used to play music at the same time, Bluetooth is connected with car audio, and Gaode map navigation is used to test the charging performance of "charging while using" of dual mobile phones, and mainly record the time consumed by iPhone x for every 10% increase of electric energy in the range of 20-50% of charged capacity.

Based on the above tests, the charging time of the four hubs under three working conditions was recorded

Based on the charging performance, appearance technology and installation convenience, the maximum score of each item is 5 points, and the total score is 25 points. Finally, the total score of four hub models is obtained. It can be seen that the Bosch ps700 is superior to the other three products in terms of electrical performance, with excellent appearance and workmanship, but it is not as compact as the Newman C80 in terms of installation convenience. However, Bosch can provide users with a split ps500, which is also a bonus.


It seems that Huawei's 12V charging interface must match Samsung's charging performance. For example, when choosing a 12V charging interface, you should pay attention to the fast charging performance of Samsung's mobile phone. Among the four mainstream hub models evaluated this time, Bosch PS series has the highest total score for its excellent workmanship and stable performance. The charging performance of Xianke and ozio is also remarkable, but the charging stability is not as good as that of Bosch, so they fall behind in the final charging time comparison test. Newman due to the lack of QC protocol interface, so greatly affected the charging speed, workmanship is also relatively cheap, but the compact shape is very easy to install.