What third party chargers, wireless chargers and wireless power bank are recommended for iPhone 12?

Take Apple 12 of IOS 14 as an example. Apple 12 doesn't send headphones and chargers for environmental protection. Apple announced that four iPhone 12 products will not be provided with earphones and power source adapters, and the new product packaging rights only include mobile phones and lightning charging cables.

I recommend a cheap and easy-to-use charging head. The charging head is small and exquisite, and the size is the same as Apple's constant 5v1a, but the charging speed is too much. The charging line is solid and thicker than the original one. In order to be more durable, I also wound the winding rope. It will be no problem after a few years!


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This year, apple did have a lot of operations. Before it was 12 years old, the 5W fast charger sold to more than 100. After seeing the price of many third-party chargers, Apple quickly replaced the 149 yuan 20W fast charger. I don't want to say much. Let's see what kind of price recommendations are available.


  1. Pinsheng: charging speed is very fast. The tablet can also be used. The tablet has finally lived the life of watching the electricity rise while flushing. Mobile phones are also very fast. The material of the charger is very strong. The charger head is a little hot. Second, when it starts charging, it will slow down slightly after it reaches 80%.
  1. ESR PD fast charging: Gan Gan fast charging black technology is made of the third generation semiconductor materials with smaller volume and lower working temperature

And achieve 65W PD more efficiently. Intelligent current distribution, no battery damage, 2 hours full of mobile phone.

  1. Beisi is exquisitely made and has a good charging effect. The quality of the charging interface is also very good. It's not loose or tight. There won't be overheating or hot hands in the process of use. It's quick to connect the mobile phone and the charging speed is very fast.
  1. Green link: support 5W / 10W charging power, put on the mobile phone immediately intelligent matching. Charging faster, combined with independent large coil, power conversion efficiency as high as 80%, double-sided anti-skid design, won't slide down because of the phone call vibration.
  1. Maurice: 20W power can make two mobile phones charge wirelessly at the same time, which is really good. Two independent LED white lights, put on the mobile phone after charging, respire and shine, mellow surface design, beautiful atmosphere.
  1. Xunmele: magnetic wireless charger, built-in 36 magnets, strong magnetic attraction, can achieve automatic adsorption. There are also considerate overcharge protection, so that you can sleep all night.

Mipow: 5000 Ma high capacity charger, zero right angle, fine texture, smooth curved body design, 0.5cm thin, comfortable grip, wallet, pocket can be loaded, no burden.

  1. Mophie: type-C port can provide up to 18W output, which can quickly charge your iPhone from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes without damaging the device battery. 10000mah more durable charging, support two-way wireless charging.


  1. Amu: it's a charger that can be held by one hand. It combines playing games and charging at the same time, giving you a comfortable experience. When the input or output power reaches 1 00%, the full charge overshoot protection mode will be automatically turned on to protect the service life of the mobile phone back clip power bank.