What is the use of silicone sealant for charger? What are the benefits?

Charger in the manufacturing process, there is the use of silicone sealant, and the use of this silicone sealant is generally a single component silicone sealant. Silicone sealant is usually divided into two components and one component. One component silicone sealant is easy to use and has the function of adhesion and fixation.

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  1. The reason why the charger will use silicone sealant in the manufacturing process is that it can play the role of bonding electrical components. Because the charger is generally placed outdoors, the use of silicone sealant can also play a very good role in waterproof and moisture-proof, which can protect the internal components of the charger and make the charger safer.
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  1. In addition, the reason why the charger will use silicone sealant in the manufacturing process is that the silicone sealant has a certain elasticity after curing, so in the use process, it will not cause the internal components of the charger to fall off, even if there is a slight drop phenomenon, the charger is not easy to damage.
  1. The field of charger is wide, general charger can use silicone sealant, silicone sealant used in the charger also has temperature resistance performance, even in the cold and hot alternate will not occur denaturation, can ensure the normal work of the charger.
  1. Now the quality of electrical appliances or chargers is very high, especially in the work must achieve insulation performance, even if there is leakage, it will not be too dangerous. Silicone sealant can meet this demand. It has good insulation performance, flame retardant and thermal conductivity after curing.
  1. Chargers in the use of moisture, or improper use is easy to cause leakage, and the use of silicone sealant charger has anti leakage performance, will not lead to electricity or electricity to people, once leakage occurs, you can power off, reduce the probability of accidents.


The advantages of silicone sealant for chargers are the above. It is recommended to buy high-quality silicone sealant for chargers in the manufacturing process, otherwise there will be potential safety hazards. Some users don't know how to choose from many brands, so they suggest to buy products of big brands, such as kosmore, focus on sealant research, and provide customized sealant application solutions, so as to ensure the quality.