What does smart glasses mean

In the past two years, the development of intelligent audio products is in full swing. As an emerging intelligent audio product, intelligent glasses have attracted the attention of many consumers, and even become the first choice for many science and technology enthusiasts to taste the double 12. While smart glasses are becoming more and more popular, the discussion on "what are the characteristics of good smart glasses" has become a hot topic. In view of this problem, Huawei x generic master eyewear II smart glasses also gives its own answer.

Fashion in appearance: high value design interprets "fashion wear"

As we all know, last year, Huawei has launched Huawei x century eyewear smart glasses with the help of general mentor. The design concept is to give priority to the fashionable tonality of the glasses, and then add intelligent functions. After market verification, this direction is recognized by the public.

The same is true for this year's Huawei X General master eyewear II smart glasses, which continue the fashion attributes and trend tonality of general master. Whether it's sunglasses or optical, it won't destroy the sense of design because of the addition of "intelligence". From the perspective of appearance, Huawei's x-century master eye II smart glasses are a fashion piece with full sense of design.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei's X-gene master eyewear II smart glasses also made a high-profile appearance at the 17th MAHB Mr. fashion ceremony this year, becoming the trend equipment for many stars to attend the ceremony. It is also enough to see that the fashion circle and stars recognize the fashion attributes of Huawei's X-gene master eyewear II smart glasses.

Comfortable to wear: focus on details

Before Huawei, many smart glasses have been introduced, but their rugged and bulky appearance makes them not only not beautiful, but also uncomfortable to wear. You know, glasses are different from other wearable products. They are worn almost all the time, so the comfort of wearing them is very important. Therefore, Huawei X General master eyewear II intelligent glasses have also made great efforts in this respect.

Huawei cooperated with the designers of general master to achieve the upgrade of wearing comfort by elaborating on many details. First of all, Huawei's x-century master eyewear II smart glasses ensure the weight of the body by using plastic titanium materials, and set the center of gravity at the middle of the fulcrum between the ear and the bridge of the nose, so it has almost no sense of weight-bearing when worn for a long time. In addition, Huawei's x-century master eyewear II intelligent glasses upgrade the opening and closing range of the two legs to 12 degrees, which can effectively reduce the clamping feeling brought by the legs and adapt to users of different head types. Moreover, the radian of the curved leg is increased from 12 ° of the first generation to 20 ° with better encapsulation and fit. A lot of details are hard work, just to make it comfortable to wear.