What brand of professional cycling glasses

Most riders ride on the road. When there is sun, the reflection effect of the road is better than that of the mud. Because riders spend more time looking directly at the road, they will receive more UV reflection. Long time absorption of UV by eyes will cause cataract! Riding glasses can greatly protect your eyes from UV damage, and effectively reduce the impact of foreign bodies and Sandstorm on your eyes. Here are five lenses for riders to solve their visual problems.

In fact, Ouye, Tuobu, the free soldiers are OK

It is undeniable that the top feeling of the full set of riding equipment is "this guy is really handsome", which will make the layman feel that the equipped riders are playing cool and cool, and thus have a bad mood. In fact, riding equipment brings people more safety and health. This is also the most important question for most outdoor sports lovers, including mountain climbing, crossing and so on.

1. [riding helmet]: it is the big mushroom on the head. Because it can maintain the weak head, it is a necessary equipment for riders.

[purpose]: anti collision, avoid hitting by branches and leaves, avoid hitting by flying stones, divert rainwater, ventilate and speed up. A helmet with a brim can protect against the sun, and a reflective symbol can be pasted on the helmet to avoid bumping when riding at night.

[texture] helmets are usually made of foamed materials (usually high density, the difference between the two lies in their anti-collision effect) and have a lubricated shell surface;

[weight] the weight on the head should not be too heavy, which is the reason why the helmet is not made of alloy;

[lining] refers to the inner part of the helmet that is touched by the head. It can enhance the comfort of wearing and cushion the head when it is hit. The inner lining of the helmet with exquisite workmanship covers a large area, has a very good texture, and is more robust to the inner side of the helmet;

[wearing comfort] the most important reason is whether the weight, lining, lace up and head circumference are suitable. Wearing a comfortable helmet can greatly reduce the pressure on the rider's head and neck, and maximize the maintenance effect when he is hit;

[air permeability] if the head is airtight for a long time, it will have adverse effects on the scalp and make the rider feel uncomfortable. Therefore, a good helmet may have more holes or larger area, which is to improve the air permeability;

[wind resistance effect] the helmet closes the hair into the helmet, which reduces the wind resistance of the head. For brothers who are keen on promotion speed, the influence of helmet shape on the wind resistance is also worthy of attention.

[types of riding helmets]: half helmet riding helmets are divided into road specific helmets (without brim), road mountain dual-use helmets (with detachable brim), etc. There are also brothers who use helmets similar to those used in baseball or roller skating. Full helmet riding helmet is similar to motorcycle helmet in appearance, which is usually used by downhill or climbing car enthusiasts.